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Cashmere coat


Cashmere coat Usually when we purchase winter overcoats most people go for wool coats since they are the most versatile and get you through almost any event. But there are some events which would require a more luxurious type of outfit. In that case we would like you to go with something special than the usual wool coats which is the coats. They are softer and more luxurious than the wool coats giving you a dressed up look just with the outer garment. While the wool coats are widely popular cashmere aren’t too usual and thus knowledge about is scarce. Thus in this article we are going to discuss more about mens coats.

One of the reason why cashmere is nog as popular as the wool garments is the fact that they are much more expensive than wool. The luxuriousness of the cashmere fibers can be found by taking just one look at the garment since the fine fabric can look almost silky. The reason of the high price of the coats is because of the scarceness of the fabric and also the intricate and time consuming process involved in the production process. The cost of the mens cashmere might look too high for a person who is used to the wool coats but the garment is worth every penny you pay for it – given that it is quality garment.

Cashmere coat Cashmere is the type of wool that is obtained from the cashmere which live only in certain areas of the world like China, Mongolia and such. The wool obtained from these mens coats are very soft and delicate providing a rich look for the garment. Along with the softness and lighter feeling the mens cashmere dress coats also offer better insulation properties when compared to wool coats. Thus coats are considered to be the better version of the quality wool coats.

Cashmere coats are often made from blending cashmere with other fibers like wool or merino. This is mainly because of the fact that the cashmere fibers are very soft and thin and by adding the different fibers it will gain weight. Wool coats are the most popular choice among men and the ratio of cashmere and wool in the coat determines the rate of the garment. If you are looking for an affordable cashmere then we would suggest you to go with the ones with slightly higher percentage of wool in it.

Cashmere coat The fibers for the cashmere are generally got from the underside of the neck region of the coats. The fur on the animal is best during the winter time since it naturally grows to tackle the cold. There are usually two types of wool that is obtained from the coats – the undercoat and outercoat. While the outercoat is rough the undercoat is soft and silky. Cashmere fiber is obtained from the undercoat of the coats. As we have mentioned before the production and manufacturing process of the cashmere is quite complicated which makes it more expensive.

Cashmere is a must have if you are a person who attends events like parties and such often. Regardless of the outfit that you wear the coat can instantly elevate your style making you stand out from the crowd. If you are thinking about the styling of the mens coats then here are some ideas on how to best utilize the style this winter season.

Starting with a simple but stylish look you can pair the ¾ length coat with a navy crew neck t-shirt and a pair of black jeans. You can finish off this stylish and convenient outfit with a pair of black leather derby shoes. Usually most people resign to boring outfits for the winter since they consider layering up is anyway going to ruin the look. But remember that the mens overcoat is the first thing that most people are going to notice about your winter outfit. Thus when you get it right you do not have to worry too much about the outfit that lies underneath. There are many styles of the coats available and you can choose the ones which would suit you.

Cashmere For an off duty layered look you can style the tweed cashmere wool coat with a brown wool long sleeve shirt, charcoal chinos and a burgundy scarf. You can complete this stylish yet laid back look with a pair of white canvas low top sneakers. On the other hand if you are styling the garment for an important event at office then you can choose to pair the coat with the formal garments. The coat blends in with almost any style you pair it with and they do not differ much when compared to wool coats lookwise.

For a dressed up look you can style the cashmere modernfit coat with an ensemble that consists of a grey suit paired with a white dress shirt and a black printed tie. To properly pull together the outfit you can add a pair of black leather Oxford shoes. If you want a simple and classic look then single breasted coats are the best but if you are looking for a more dressy and stylish look then we would suggest you to try going with the double breasted coat.

 coat For a relaxed and trendy look you can style the cashmere car coat with an outfit that consists of grey long sleeve shirt, navy denim jacket and a pair of white chinos. To keep your feet warm in the cold add a pair of navy socks along with dark brown leather desert boots. The cashmere full length coats are usually reserved to be paired with the formal garments but in recent times they have been making appearances with the casual outfits too. Whichever the style you are going with be it the wool cashmere or other cashmere blend topcoats make sure that the garment is of good quality and is worth the price you pay for it.