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Royal Blue Suit Jacket

Royal Blue Suit Jacket It is near to impossible that a man does not have a blue blazer in his wardrobe. Blue formal garments have become an integral part of our life and we cannot get through a week without it. But most men have not fully unearthed the potential of the blue garments. We all stick with the safest choice that is the navy suit jackets but we should consider the numerous other shades that are available. Today we have a suggestion for you that is slightly eccentric – royal blue suit jackets. This is not a very hard style to try out since we have been used to the blue garments for quite some time now. Read the article further to know more about the royal blue suit jacket style and how you can own it.

You might have already been acquainted with the royal blue shade since it is not that much of a rare one. Royal blue is a shade that is much more exciting than the navy blue shade since the former is slightly brighter. If you are bored with the navy blue suit style and feeling a resentment bubbling in your heart whenever you take a look at it in the morning, then you are ready for an outfit change. Instead of pushing through with that bitter feeling change it up with the royal blue suit jacket. It might be hard to go with a full on royal blue suit on the first try and thus we would suggest you to start with the mens royal blue suit jackets. With the right choice of the combining garments, you can make the style work for both the formal and casual styles.

There are different styles in the royal blue suit jackets and depending on your need you can make the choice. For example, with the fabric, the wool royal blue suit jackets will be best for the formal use while you can go with the lightweight ones like cotton or blue linen suit jackets for the summer or spring events. On the other hand when there is a special occasion involved like a wedding or such then richer variations of the royal blue suit jackets like the royal blue velvet suit jacket and silk suit jackets are the best choices.

Royal Blue Suit Jacket Other than the fabric, there are details like the style of the garment and the fit of it which can influence the overall look of the royal blue Jacket outfit. It would be better if you spend some time in the research and then find a style that could suit you just fine. Know that the royal blue suit jacket mens are more eye catching than the navy suit jackets and you can leverage this to your advantage. You can style the royal blue suit Jacket outfits for the special occasions like a family gathering or a wedding where you have to blend in but also with a style of your own.

We are all experts when it comes to styling the navy blue suit jackets but when there is a different shade involved there might be hesitation. Thus we have compiled some of the best royal blue suit jacket outfit styles that could help you start with the garment. Once you have got the hang of the look you can make it work for any type of occasions.

Starting with a common occasion where the royal blue shade would blend right in, you should consider styling the garment for the weddings. If you are the groom then you might want to go with the tuxedo. In that case, instead of the boring navy tuxedo style that most guests will also choose, try choosing the royal blue dinner jacket. For the said event you can style the shiny blue suit jacket with a white dress shirt, black bow tie and a pair of black tuxedo pants. When you round off the look with a pair of black leather oxford shoes the outfit is complete. But if you want a more eye catching look then instead of the black bow tie, choose a red one since it pops the outfit in just the right way.

Royal Blue Suit Jacket While this is one of the classic looks that you can try for the special occasions, you can also style the royal blue suit jackets for the semi formal and casual events. It all depends on the type of combining garments that you choose to pair with it. For example, if you are the guest and want to choose a simple but stylish look, then you can style the suit jacket royal blue with a white dress shirt and a pair of black chinos. A pair of white canvas low top sneakers would add the right amount of trendiness to the outfit.

If you are looking for a nicely blended style then you can style the royal blue slim fit suit jacket with a light blue dress shirt, grey tie and a pair of light grey dress pants. A pair of Charcoal socks and dark brown leather loafers would be the right way the finish off this look. For a tonal look that you can wear for the summer occasions, you can style the royal blue suit mens with a light blue dress shirt and then complement it with a pair of dark brown leather loafers.

If you love adding some color to your outfit, then you can style the mens blue suit jacket with a light pink long sleeve shirt and a pair of yellow chinos. Black suede tassel loafers would be the perfect choice to ground this outfit. If you are bored with the plain looks then try going with the patterned ones. Blue striped suit jackets are the best style to start with. If you are used to the striped style then you can move on to try out the blue checkered suit jackets or the royal blue plaid suit jacket styles. For the special occasions, try out dressier choices like blue floral suit jackets.