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Black Suit Jacket

Black Suit Jacket If there is one style that we love and hate at the same time, it is the black suits. The black suits have been with us for centuries now and still now remain to be style that saves us from the formal events and most importantly the funerals. But there is also a standing argument that the black suits are boring. In our opinion no style is boring given that you learn to utilize it in the right way. Today we are here to revamp the black suit in your wardrobe. Instead of sticking to the standard black suit style, our recommendation for you is to learn to style the black suit jacket and pants as separates. This way the style would be more versatile. In this article we will talk more about the styling of the mens black suit jacket and how you can make the style work.

With the neutral style like a black suit jacket, the options are endless. You might already have noted that the black garment tends to pair well with almost all colors and the styling is easier. You just have to pause for a little bit and try innovating the style according to the event you are attending. If you want a start with the styling then there is no better place to look than celebrity fashion. Our celebrities (or at least their hired fashion designers) outdo themselves with the fashion styles and everytime they step out for the red carpets, it is a celebration for us. There is no doubt in the fact that celebrity styles influence the fashion trends. Thus you definitely would get an idea with the celebrity fashion for the reinvention of the men’s black suit jacket. Thus we have brought together some of the impressive celebrity black suit jacket outfit ideas that could help you. Apart from the celebrity outfit, we have also included suggestions similar to the style. Hope that it helps you.

Harry styles
Black Suit Jacket He is one of the style icons of this millennium and we can find example for any style in him. As for the black suit jacket style, know that the man cleans up nice when there is a formal event involved. One minute you will be seeing him wearing a yellow 3 piece suit but the next minute he will be sporting a black tuxedo. For a formal event that he attended, the Watermelon Sugar singer was seen wearing a double breasted black dress suit jacket which he paired with a simple white dress shirt and a pair of well fitting black dress pants. There was no tie involved and with the clean hairstyle that he sported, he was the epitome of elegant style. Though the outfit is simple, he let his inner fashionista shine by adding with the outfit a pair of red ankle length boots. This is an easy style to copy but make sure that the black pants match the black of your suit jacket since black tends to fade out fast.

Usually we are used to the standard style of the black suit paired with a black tie and white dress shirt. Now add a pair of black oxford shoes to the mix and you are done. But adding a detail or two to this standard style can give you a whole different look and you just have to find the right style that works for you. If you are thinking about styling the black suit jacket outfit as your workwear then you can style the black slimfit suit jacket with a white dress shirt, burgundy tie ans a pair of Charcoal grey dress pants. To complete the outfit try out a different style by adding a pair of brown leather double monks. For a savvy and formal style you can pair the prom black suit jacket with a light blue chambray dress shirt and a pair of dark brown dress pants. To complete the look in the perfect sense, add with it a pair of brown woven leather tassel loafers.

Lenny Kravitz
Black Suit Jacket Lenny Kravitz is always known for his simple but eye catching looks and he kept up the promise with the black suit jacket look. For an event that he attended the man was seen rocking a black formal suit jacket with a white crew neck t-shirt and then a pair of fitting black dress pants. The outfit complete with a pair black formal shoes, black sunglasses and a black mask was a cool style that anyone can pull off.

Instead of the crew neck t-shirts you can also include a tank, polo shirt or a turtleneck to the outfit. For example, you could easily pair the black striped suit jacket with a white knit wool turtleneck and a pair of black fitting pants. Now add with this a black overcoat and then a pair of burgundy leather tassel loafers to complete the look. For an effortlessly stylish look, you can style the black casual suit jacket with a black crew neck t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans.

Brad Pitt
Black Suit Jacket The 58 year old heartthrob never fails to impress us with his fashion and it is the same with the black suit jacket style. For an award event that he attended, he was seen in an all black suit jacket outfit that consists of a black cotton suit jacket which he paired with a black silk dress shirt and a pair of black skinny dress pants. Along with the black suede dress shoes and a pair of black sunglasses, it was an envy worthy outfit.

All black outfit is one of the styles that tend to attract the men. For example, you can style the black velvet suit Jacket with a silk dress shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans. For a chilly winter day, you can style the black floral suit jacket with a black turtleneck and a pair of black skinny jeans.