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Blue Suit Jacket

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Blue Suit Jacket If men are asked to name one garment that they cannot live without, then we believe that most of them would go with the blue suits or the blue suit jackets. The amount of blue suits and blue blazers that you see on a Monday morning is staggering. Blue has become our go to color for business and also surprisingly for casual use. Though we have started to include more colors to our wardrobe now, we still rely on blue suits and blue suit jackets for the most important events. That being said, the blue garments are also entering the argument of being boring. Since it has been made clear that they are vital for our survival in work, we intend to discuss on how to make the blue suit jackets and blue suits interesting.

When we start talking about the mens blue suit jackets most people would immediately imagine the navy blue suit jackets. This is common since navy blue is the most popular and most preferred styles among men. But it is important that you keep in mind that there are also other shades of blue in the market and you can try them out too. These shades of blue can also be versatile once you get used to them. Thus make sure to explore the options available before you decide on the one. With the online shopping available it isn’t too hard to spend some time exploring the styles instead of choosing the first style that you lay your eyes upon.

Blue Suit Jacket While being on the topic of the shades of blue garments, it is important that you consider the type of event before you make the choice. For example, if you are purchasing it for your business meeting then a formal navy blue suit jacket would be the best choice. But if it is an event like a wedding or a party then you can choose to go with the royal blue suit jackets or the shiny blue suit jackets. These flashy styles tend to bring a festive look for your outfit making it appropriate for the event. For the casual events like a beach party or such, try going with the light blue suit jacket outfits since the breezy style would be perfect for the bright seasons.

You should also pay attention to the fabric of the suit jackets that you purchase. For example, we would choose to go with the wool blue suit jackets for anything that relates to work since it is the best style out there for business. With wool suit jackets you are resulted with a comfortable outfit that drapes you very well. But if you are getting the garment for a summer or spring event, then the wool garment might be a little too clammy. In that case, go with the lightweight fabric garments like the blue cotton suit jackets or the blue linen suit jackets. These lightweight styles might wrinkle easily but would give you a comfortable wear through the day.

We have gotten the basics of the selection of the blue suit jackets and now we will proceed to bring to you some of the blue suit jacket outfits that we think are impressive. You can go through these styles and just pick the ones that you consider would be great choices for you.

Blue Suit Jacket For a formal and refined look, you can style the mens suit jacket blue with a white dress shirt, navy polka dot tie and a pair of light grey dress pants. This is an amazingly easy outfit to pull together and add with it a pair of dark brown leather shoes to round it off. If you want a standard style without much risk then you can style the blue suit jacket mens with a white dress shirt and a pair of black dress pants. You can add or leave out the black tie but make sure to complete the outfit with a pair of black leather derby shoes.

Moving on to the smart casual styling of the blue suit jackets, there are a lot of options that you can try out. Instead of sticking with the dress shirts, explore more to find your own style. For example, on a particularly chilly day, most people would opt to layer a crew neck sweater over the dress shirt but instead you can choose the more fashionable path of styling the blue prom suit Jacket with a black turtleneck and a pair of black chinos. This would be a cool style but it would also keep you warm through the day. A pair of dark brown leather monks would perfectly complement the look of your outfit.

Blue Suit Jacket If you want the look to be dressier, then you can style the blue velvet suit jacket with a black silk dress shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans. A pair of black leather Chelsea boots would smarten the look up. Now for a more toned down look, you can style the blue slim fit suit jacket with a black crew neck t-shirt and a pair of black skinny pants. To perfectly complement your ensemble, add a pair of smart dark brown leather derby shoes.

If you are a person who likes the tonal styling then you can style the blue floral suit jacket with a blue long sleeve shirt and a pair of charcoal grey skinny jeans. For completing this effortlessly stylish ensemble you can add with it a pair of brown leather Chelsea boots. On the other hand if you are dressing for a summer casual event, then you can style the blue casual suit jacket with a white long sleeve shirt and a pair of white jeans. If you are bored already with the solid blue suit jacket looks then you can choose to go with the patterned ones like blue striped suit jackets or blue checkered suit jackets. These would provide you with a more interesting look rather than the plain styles.