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Burgundy Tuxedo Jacket

Burgundy Tuxedo Jacket Usually black tuxedos are mens choice when it comes to formal garments. But if you are looking for a break from these usual routines then we would suggest you to choose burgundy tuxedo jacket. Burgundy seems to currently snag the title of most popular color in mens clothing. We have been noting increasing instances of the famous men sporting the burgundy tuxedos and burgundy suit styles and of course the trend is catching on. If you are a person who likes to try out new styles but also would like to do it without stepping out of the boundaries too much then mens burgundy tuxedo Jacket should be your choice.

Burgundy though being a shade of red is a deep color that you can style without feeling too self conscious. This is one reason why the burgundy garments have become greatly popular among the men. It’s a win for all since you can break free from the routine but also in an appropriate manner. This is also the reason why the burgundy color has been included easily in the formal garments too. Usually while the men even try out different colors with mens suits they tend to stick with the holy Trinity of black, navy and Charcoal grey when it comes to tuxedos. But recently burgundy has infiltrated the tuxedo style and we cannot be more happy. We all love a little color to the outfit and when it is looks great it is definitely a win.

Burgundy Tuxedo Jacket Therefore burgundy tuxedo jacket is a style that anyone can pull off. You might be used to the black suits and navy suits but you still can easily work the burgundy tuxedo jacket mens look. If you still think you aren’t ready then you can choose to start with including burgundy in your casual garments then move on to burgundy suits and then finally to the burgundy tuxedos.

Usually most people consider the tuxedos to be restricted to the formal events. Of course they are the most formal garment available in menswear but that does not mean that you should not use your imagination with it. For the formal events stick with the dress codes provided but you can style the burgundy tuxedo jacket as separates for the casual events. This would help you comfortably wear the tuxedos for the formal events without feeling like living in another person’s skin.

As for styling the burgundy tuxedo jackets there is no right style and you can experiment a lot and find the style that suits your taste. You might already be aware of the standard styling of the burgundy tuxedo jacket for the formal events. Putting on the burgundy tuxedo with a white tuxedo shirt, burgundy tuxedo pants and a black bow tie would be the best way to get through the event. A pair of black leather oxford shoes is enough to properly finish off the style.

Burgundy Tuxedo Jacket But when it comes to casual events there is no defined rule and thus the styling might be hard for some people. Thus we have included some suggestions of the burgundy tuxedo jacket outfits which you could try until you find the right style. The combining garments that you choose to add with the garment plays an important role in deciding the look of your outfit. The dress shirt or tshirt that you pair with the Jacket should be matching it properly for the outfit to be a success.

White shirt
White dress shirts are the first choice to be paired with burgundy tuxedo jackets since both the colors pair well with each other. white dress shirt is the go to style for anyone since it pairs well with almost any styles. Thus if you are trying out the burgundy tuxedo jacket style for the first time stick with the safer option which is the white shirts.

For a simple yet smart choice you can choose to style the burgundy mens tuxedo jacket with a white dress shirt and a pair of charcoal grey dress pants. To complete the look you can add a pair of black leather oxford shoes. This is a great outfit choice if you are attending a wedding as a guest. If it is a wedding in which you are the groom then you can style the Burgundy shawl lapel tuxedo jacket with a white dress shirt and a pair of black dress pants. Add a black tie if needed and then a pair of black leather loafers. You can also try going with the burgundy tuxedo 3 piece look if you want a more formal choice.

Light blue shirt
Burgundy Tuxedo Jacket The next choice that we want you to try out is the light blue shirts. These would offer a more casual and breezy look to your outfit and thus is recommended for the semi formal and casual events. For example if you are attending a summer event and want to look a little dressed up then we would suggest you to style the burgundy velvet tuxedo jacket with a light blue shirt and a pair of white dress pants. You can finish off the style with a pair of burgundy leather loafers.

If you are into tonal styles then you can style the burgundy color tuxedo jacket with a light blue dress shirt and a pair of navy dress pants. Contrast the look with a pair of dark brown leather oxford shoes to obtain a cool outfit.

Pink shirt
This is the best choice for people who like to perfectly coordinate the look. Burgundy tuxedo jackets when styled with pink shirts give out a classy and dressed up look since the colors complement each other well. Burgundy floral tuxedo jacket paired with a light pink dress shirt and matching burgundy dress pants is a look that you can try for the special occasions. Match it with a pair of burgundy leather shoes. There are a lot of styles in the burgundy tuxedo jackets online and going through those can help you pick the best.