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Red Tuxedo Jacket

Red Tuxedo Jacket When there is a formal event our minds are tuned to automatically turn to the black tuxedos and black suits. But in recent times people are starting to break this norm and try out new styles that will set them apart from the usual looks. Red tuxedo jacket is one such contemporary style that seems to be currently trending and we are all for the hype. Red is not the usual choice that we make while choosing a tuxedo or any formal garment for that matter. Red is often viewed as an unattainable color in menswear unless it is for ties and pocket squares. But when you get the details right it is indeed possible to pull off the red tuxedo Jacket outfit. We are here to provide tips on that and at the end of the article we hope that you will go shopping for a red tuxedo jacket.

Red is a color that is often consciously avoided by men since they consider it too strong and thus hard to pull off. Red indeed is an intense color and it signifies passion. But there are also a lot of shades in red and in that there are shades which can be easily worn. This has been conveniently ignored for a long time until burgundy became one of the most sought out colors in mens fashion. With burgundy becoming a trend people understood the potential of red and shades of red thus bringing it into the light. Thus there is a shade for everyone – if you like subtle styles then go with the darker shades of the red tuxedo style jackets but if you are looking for a casual style then we would suggest you to try the lighter and brighter shades of the garment.

Red Tuxedo Jacket The shade of the garment influences the look of the outfit to a great deal. Thus take some time to go through the available styles, try two or three styles and then choose the one which suits you. Apart from checking the appropriateness of the shade to the event you are attending you can also check whether the shade looks good with your skin tone and hair color. This way you will have a coordinated look which makes your outfit impressive to look at.

There are various styles in the red tuxedo jackets like the ones with the matching satin lapel or the contrast colored lapels. While the matching colored lapel garments are the ones that are subtle the contrast collared ones tend to attract attention to the jacket immediately. If you are dressing for a formal event and you want to look dressed up then we would suggest you to go with the red tuxedo Jacket mens with black lapels. The choosing and coordinating of the combining garments is also easier with the contrast collared lapels.

Red Tuxedo Jacket Red tuxedo jackets are the best way to get out the navy and black routine. It might be impossible for a person to immediately try out a bright red suit when he has worn navy and grey suits all his life. Thus with the red tuxedo jackets it would be a gentle break from the usual routine and the transition will be a lot smoother when compared to going with a full blown red tuxedo. For people who have never worn a red garment in their lifetime but would like to start doing it now you might be wondering about the styling aspect. In that case we are here to help you with some styling tips and best outfits which can steer you towards the right path of the fashion.

The first style that we would recommend you to go with is the most formal style that you can find. If you are dressing for a special occasion like your wedding or an award event then you can choose to style the red dinner suit jacket with a white tuxedo shirt, a black bow tie and a pair of black tuxedo pants. This would be a much more impressive look if you go with the dinner Jacket that has black lapels. The black lapel would perfectly match with the black pants and black tie. You can finish off the look with a pair of black patent leather oxford shoes. Other than this you can also go with the three piece tuxedo style but pairing the red tuxedo velvet jacket with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie, a black vest and black tuxedo pants. The three piece style is always more appropriate than the two piece look especially for formal events.

Red Tuxedo Jacket This is the most formal look and is the one recommended for the formal events. But tuxedo jackets are not only restricted for the formal events but with the right styling can work out for the casual events too. You might already be used to the formal styling and thus we will from here on proceed with the casual styling ideas of red tuxedo jackets.

For a simple but smart style you can style the red tuxedo suit dress Jacket with a white dress shirt and a pair of grey dress pants. You can wear this look for the semi formal events. If you are attending a winter or fall event then go with the dark red tuxedo jacket but if it is happening in summer or spring then we would suggest you to go with brighter shades. For example if you are attending a summer event then you can choose to style the bright red tuxedo coat jacket with a light pink dress shirt and a pair of grey dress pants. You can also choose to go with the patterns on it like red floral tuxedo Jacket and paisley tuxedo jackets. For a more casual style you can choose red plaid tuxedo jackets or striped ones. But if you are dressing for a party or such then try going with the flashy ones like shiny red prom jacket or sequin glitter tuxedo jacket.