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Suede Shoes

Suede Shoe Mens suede shoes are probably the second most popular footwear type next only to the leather shoes. Suede has long been in the industry but recently there is a surge in the number of people wanting to try out the style. The softness of the material along with the aesthetic look that it provides might be some of the reasons why the material is preferred for the shoes. You might already have a pair or two of the suede shoe in your collection but how much do you know about suede? Today we will discuss everything that you need to know about the mens suede shoe and the different ways in which you can make the look work.

Suede is a material that is made from the high quality form of leather and it is taken from the underside of the animal hide. Suede is not only used in the making of the shoes but also is used to make fashion items like mens jackets, purses, handbags and more. Suede is also obtained from the animals but the difference is that they are got from the underside of the skin which makes them softer than the regular leather used for the making of the shoes. Usually suede is obtained from lambs but it can also be got from other animals like goats, calves and more.

Suede has been in the footwear industry for a long time but it gained prominence only in the 20th century. It was greatly used for the making of the luxurious products during that era. To get the suede material, the underside of the skin from the animal is expertly separated from the top. The resulting leather is thin and soft when compared with the full grain leather. Sometimes the manufacturers simply turn the leather to the underside without splitting it from the top surface. This would provide you the look of the suede fabric but the thickness remains the same as the full grain leather.

Suede Shoe The suede material comes with a soft and smooth texture and there are tiny raised hairs on the surface of the material. Often younger animal skins are used for the making of the suede fabric since the skin of the older animals is tougher. There are different types of mens suede shoes for you to choose from. The choice of the leather is the most important thing to note. Think about your priorities and then choose the best option.

For example, if you are looking for a soft and delicate style of the shoes that are very comfortable to wear then you should be choosing to go with the sheepskin shoes for men. Sheepskin suede is lighter and smoother when compared to the other styles. On the other hand if you are looking for shoes that are rougher and more rugged then our recommendation for you would be to go with the cowhide designer suede shoe. But if you prioritize durability first then you should be choosing pigskin suede shoe. These durable mens suede shoes are thick and can last for a long time – given that you maintain them right. Other than these common options there is also the option to choose the mens exotic shoes styles. These are more rugged and expensive.

You might be wondering on why you should be choosing the suede shoe when you have a perfectly fine pair of leather shoes. As we have mentioned already suede is very soft and this gives it an appealing look. But despite being soft they are also durable giving you the best return for the money. Thus make sure that you go with the high quality suede shoe for men even if it is a tad bit too much than your budget. If you are purchasing the mens shoes online then you can check out a lot more of suede variety. Another advantage would be for you to go through different sites and find the ones that have the suede shoe on discount. Make sure that you find the trusted sites and then choose the best suede shoe available.

Suede Shoe If you are thinking about the styling of the suede mens shoes, here are some ideas for you to check out. Suede shoes can be paired with both the formal and casual outfits but they work the best with the latter. So if you are trying out the suede dress shoes style for the first time then we would recommend you to start styling them with the casual outfits and then move slowly towards the formal outfits.

For a casual and stylish summer outfit, you can style the white tank with a navy embroidered short sleeve shirt and then a pair of beige chinos. To match the laid back look of this ensemble, you could add with it a pair of brown unique look suede shoe. For a simple winter outfit, you can style the beige crew neck sweater with a pair of olive chinos and then a dark brown overcoat. To up the look of your outfit, you could include with it a pair of tan stylish suede shoe.

If you are ready to move on to the smart casual styling then you can start with styling the navy suit with a white and navy print shirt sleeve shirt and a white pocket square. To heighten the appeal of the outfit, you can add with it a pair of beige rich style suede shoes. For a more stylish look you can style the white shirt sleeve shirt with a dark brown shirt Jacket and a pair of beige chinos. Now to maintain to look of the whole ensemble, you can add with it a pair of dark brown suede shoe on sale. If you already looking for a bold style then styling the White suit with a dark brown crew neck t-shirt and matching pocket square would be a good way to go. A pair of black popular suede shoe would be a classy way to round off the look.