During the 1940s, Americans made the transition from radio to the television. The first half of the decade was all about World War II, and the second half was the baby boomer, partying, dancing and formalwear. Rhythm and blues music set the mood of the times, but when rock and roll appeared on the scene, the mood of the country started to rock with it. 1940s formalwear reflected this mood, allowing men to dress fashionably, but with a bit of creativity, too.

Modern 1940s Formalwear Breakdown: White Tie Vs. Black Tie 

In the 1940s, a man could buy a suit for $24.50, which was practically was the word of the day. The fashion tone in the first half of the decade was almost funeral like. But when the war ended, fashion exploded into a casual and informal vibe. Suits replaced tuxedos, but white tie affairs were still formal, and the formal look never went out of style.

1940s formalwear changed during the war years. Many nightclubs went out of business. The men who went out for a night on the town wore old dinner suits or business suits. After the war, formalwear was back, but the rules were not the same. Men wore a more relaxed version of formalwear to black tie events because those events were semi-formal.

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How You Can Rock Your Next White Tie Affair

White tie formal events were truly formal. Those events are the same today in terms of tuxedo fashion. Men put on a black tail coat with a shawl collar and satin lapels or wide pointed peak lapels. The pleated white shirt with a stiff wing collar and gold cuff links was essential.

White suspenders, a white silk bow tie, and a white single-breasted vest with long square lapels completed the tuxedo look on the top half of a man's body. And the high-waisted, black pleated tuxedo pants with a satin stripe down the outer leg, and a pair of black socks, and patent leather shoes put the whole tuxedo look on fleek.

The men who dressed to the nines always wore a pair of white gloves, a white pocket square, a silk flower boutonniere and a black silk top hat to complete their style statement. The men who really wanted to flaunt their modern 1940s formalwear statement wore a gray or dark blue mens overcoat with satin lapels. They also walked with a dress cane to put them in the formal mood. The 1940s was the decade when America was star struck by Hollywood. It was the decade when America was ready to begin the life chapters' men experience now.

The white tie formal look is still alive today, thanks to the 1940s mens fashion era. Men still have the desire and the means to rock the new fashions, but they still yearn for the vintage white tie formal look. Men can recreate the opulence of the late 40s with a wide selection of modern 1940s formalwear at MensItaly where you will find the best collection of mens 3 piece vested suit for sale.