The old saying, "Italians do it better," describes how most men feel about Italian mens suits.

Italian suit designers are always ahead of the fashion curve according to magazines like GQ and Vogue. Some men don't understand why the Italians make suits speak a language American suits ignore. Italian suits never disappoint when it comes to the special little details.

Italian Mens Suits: The Key Ingredients

Luxury craftsmanship and an innate understanding of how the male body responds to clothing are key ingredients in Italian suit making. Italian designers are rock stars of the fashion industry. Gucci, Armani, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and other well-known Italian brands are legends in the fashion world. This is because they design suits men want to wear.

An Italian label on a suit is a badge of fashion honor. Men identify with high-profile Italian designers because they rock. But there are other Italian brands provoking the same reaction in suit-loving men. While some blue-chip Italian fashion designers get media attention, other Italian suit brands quietly give men the prestige they need. They offer suits to help them face a grueling day in the business world. There are also designs that provide the glamour men need when they attend a formal event or party.

Why Italian Mens Suits Make Any Many Look Amazing

There are invisible elements in Italian mens suits. These well-cut suits hide a man's physical flaws. They also highlight their physical qualities without sacrificing suit comfort. The armholes are higher, and the overall shape of Italian suits are more streamlined. The suit coat fits proportionately, so men wearing Italian suits look different. That difference is flattering because Italian tailors meticulously design these suits. It is obvious they care about the final product and how it looks on a man. There's nothing worse than a man in a suit who doesn't know how to wear it.


Italian Mens Suits: What Makes Them So Special Forever?

But the truth is, a few American suit manufacturers cut the corners Italian suit makers celebrate and incorporate in suit designs. For example, some American-made suit pants cling to the legs rather hanging free like Italian suit pants. Italian suits are for all occasions. Every man needs at least two or three Italian suits. It's even okay to mix and match.

Buy a double-breasted, two or three buttoned or zoot suit that has roots in Italy. Here's why: Italian fabrics have quality running through their fibers. And Italian fabric colors are more intense, so they are easier to accessorize. The different choices and the availability of Italian mens suits give men the opportunity to design a look that fits their personalities, as well as their budgets.