Tis the Season! Christmas Eve Suit and Outfit Ideas for Men. Christmas is hectic, exciting and special. Trying to find the right outfit to wear on Christmas Eve, or to one of those business colleague parties can turn any mild-mannered man into a raging bull. If you don't know what to wear on Christmas Eve, fear not. Finding the right fall/winter suit or outfit for all the celebrating that goes on around the holidays is easier than you think.

A Word on Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Some men want to dress like a nine-year-old in one of those ugly sweaters. Yes, they are cute and funny, but not for every celebration. Ugly Christmas sweaters are not for men who take the holidays seriously. If you want to impress your guests or that special someone, invest in a proper Christmas Eve Suit for less at MensItaly, Italian Suits at wholesale prices online.

Choosing Your Christmas Eve Suit

When push comes to shove, a Christmas Eve suit must say something about you. You might put on a plum three button suit and Nehru collar white shirt just to let people know you are up on that "sugar plums dancing in my head," thing. Wear a pair of black, pointed toe brogues with a stitching detail on the vamp. It's not a bad idea to add a colorful scarf or tie for effect.

What About Jeans for a Christmas Eve Suit?

Jeans are fine, as long as you add a navy blue double-breasted blazer on top. You can wear a pair of skinny leg jeans with black lug sole dress shoes. Wearing jeans might turn some of the traditional people off, but a white shirt and red bow tie will bring them back into the fold.

Wearing jeans on Christmas Eve was not in vogue in the old days. Nowadays, a great pair of gray jeans, red sweater and a black down suit jacket is on point. But, you have other options. A black cotton sweater with detailing on the arms and neck, dark chino pants, and matching chino-colored boots gives people the impression you are casually elegant.

All those outfits are good for different activities starting on Christmas Eve with family, such as dinner. They work for a Christmas party with your business associates or buddies, too. When you add a red and green scarf to your outfit, you are Christmas-worthy because you are expressing your style.

A Christmas Eve suit doesn't have to be your father's boring two-piece suit anymore. Put your own Christmas Eve suit together and notice how good you feel. You feel like celebrating because you got what it takes to party-down without giving in.

Christmas Eve Suit Outfit Ideas Men Two Button Purple Vest
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