You know the feeling. During the Christmas season, there are days when you only want to wear the clothes you woke up in. Something comfortable, like those sweat pants and that soft T-shirt that has "I Love Florida" written across the front of it. But, this is the season to be jolly. You need to dress like you're having a good time while doing all that shopping, wrapping and partying. After all, Mens Christmas suit options don't have to be boring anymore.

It's the time when the parties get subtly wild and the dress code is, "Do your own thing." You have a chance to buy and wear some new threads. You want to be ready for any activity or event, without having to work too hard at it. The holidays are a busy time for everyone, but do not fear. If you have no idea what to wear, here are some of the top mens Christmas suit tips for you.

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Rocking the Office Party or Family Holiday Dinners

Here are some mens Christmas suit ideas to help you put a few outfits together. You should be able to rock the office party or chill with the family at the holiday dinner in comfort. But, you want to look dressed up and festive. A dark color plaid shirt represents the laid-back spirit of Christmas dinner. And a pair of not-so-blue jeans will also do the trick. Add a navy blazer, and you can wear that outfit to all your friends' holiday parties.

The office party is always a little tricky because the holidays can create some sticky moments. Whooping it up with fellow workers requires some virtuous qualities. You don't want to get sloppy drunk in front of your boss, right? A mens Christmas suit will make your rivals look an inch shorter as they check you out.

Try a black small plaid suit, white shirt with French cuffs. Add some narrow leg trousers that barely touch your boots. Black onyx cufflinks and the cognac brown twin gore Chelsea boot gives your co-workers confirmation. You can dress it up when you are in that mode.

Mens Christmas Suit Fabrics: What About Cashmere?

The holiday season is also the time to think about a cashmere suit. A wool and cashmere blend give a suit the soft texture, comfort, and warmth of cashmere at a more popular price. If you want to bring back the days of the 1940s, a tweed, six-button double-breasted, gray suit is nothing, if not the image of a man who knows how to dress during the holidays.

Mens Christmas suits must first and foremost, fit. An expensive suit can look like a poor excuse for a suit if it doesn't fit. By shopping at, the best place to shop for Italian suits  to pick out the perfect suit, you can free your mind to enjoy the celebrations and fun of the holidays.