There is a picture of the 1927 Yale University A Capella group, The Whiffenpoofs, that sums up what young men looked like in those days. In that picture, the seven members of the group wore typical 1920s suits for men. They consisted of three-piece suits with white shirts and long ties, and all the suits were brown or gray wool. The teacher wore a black three piece suit and long tie. Most college men in the 1920s wore a version of the three-piece suit at school, but they continued to wear them long after graduation

1920s Silent Film Stars

1920s suits for men weren't just the woolen, three-piece model and in fact, the six-button double-breasted, the one button notched lapel, and the two-button suits were also popular. Suits were a big hit, thanks to silent film stars like Charlie Chaplain and Rudolf Valentino. Businessmen, clergymen, and gangsters wore a suit more than a sports jacket in the roaring 20s. That trend is just as alive today as it was back then. The credit for the longevity of the three-piece suit goes to Hollywood moviemakers, TV show producers, and the actors that look so debonair in a suit.

Capturing the Classic Suits for Men

There was something special about the 1920s. In fact, historians say that decade was the start of a fashion awakening in America. American men are wide awake now, because they want to look like their TV and film star man crushes. There's not a man alive who wouldn't spend a paycheck to look like Leo DiCaprio in the movie, The Great Gatsby. The men in Boardwalk Empire dress like men want to dress today, because it is living retro, and just plain handsome.

Dressed to the Nines: Dinner at Downton Abbey

But the PBS Show, Downton Abbey, that put men on notice. The 1920s was the age of style inspiration. The upstairs men in the Abbey dressed-to-the-nines. The butlers and footmen put a new spin on how a tuxedo should look, even during the day.

Bradley Cooper, in the movie, Serena, made a brown vest a must-have for any well-dressed man. Actor James Marsden rocked-out in a retro, three-piece, microprint suit and Mauri shoes at a recent IWC gala dinner.

Dapper Hats are Back

The three-piece suit is just the tip of the new fashion iceberg. Men are wearing hats again. The hat was a necessity in the 1920s. Nowadays, all types of hats, like the Fedora, newsboy cap, and the straw Panama hat are in vogue, thanks to Hollywood.

Millennials and Mr. Redford

But Robert Redford would be the guy who made 1920s suits for men the go-to look for the new Millennial. His roles in The Great Gatsby and his role in Bud Cassidy and the Sundance Kid set the mood for a 1920s fashion revival. And, he is still rocking suits on film even though he's a casual guy at heart.

Thanks to the fashion influences of the 20s for men, any guy can look and feel like a famous Hollywood movie star. All it takes is a few accessories and a confident attitude to wow the room.

1920s Suits for Men: TV Shows and Movies with Dashing Time Travelers