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Prom Vest

Men's Vest When it comes to prom the excitement precedes the worry of selecting the outfit for the event. While the girls love shopping and meticulously picking out the details it is not the same case with the boys. Most of them are not familiar with the idea of picking out the outfit with much care which is a factor needed when it comes to dressing up for prom. While there are some standard recommendations like a mens tuxedos for the event you can also opt to go with your own pick. In this article we discuss the prom vest for men and some of the best ways in which you can style the garment.

As mentioned before when you go for advice about your prom attire you will most probably get the recommendation of the tuxedo. While this is a fail proof choice it is also a traditional one which is considered to be too much for the prom by some. If you are one among them and would like to go with a little more relaxed type of outfit for your prom night then we would suggest you to go with the suits. The mens suits give you a stylish yet appropriate look for the event.

While the suits are a good choice for the event to make it extra special you can add with it a prom vest. The three piece suit style complete with a prom vest is not a usual style and thus would give you a unique look that is great for the event. But if you want to stick with the formal tuxedo look for the prom event then you can still add the stylish prom vest to the tuxedo which gives it a still more elegant look.

For a formal look you can style the prom vest with a black tuxedo and then add with it a white tuxedo shirt and a black bow tie. This is a standard look which is also easy to put together. This is the one that is recommended when your prom invitation comes with the tag of black tie or black tie optional. The latter implies that you can either go with the black tuxedo or any other forms of formal style. Therefore it might be a good choice to first consider the nature of the prom event you are attending and look for the dress codes in the invitation.

Men's Vest There are many ways in which you can style your mens prom vest. The main purpose of wearing the prom vest with your tuxedo is to cover the material of the shirt from showing in the middle while the tuxedo jacket is fully buttoned. It also gives the outfit a uniform look which will in turn make the wearer look taller and leaner then he originally is. Thus adding a prom vest to your outfit will help you make your outfit still more refined and sophisticated.

As for styling the prom vest you need to first decide on the type of outfit you are going with. For example if you are thinking of going with a formal look then you can opt to style the prom vest with a classic suit style and standard combining garments. A mens black suit paired with a black prom vest, white dress shirt and a black bow tie is a near and clean look for the event. You can complete the look with a pair of black leather oxford shoes. While this is a classic style you might want to create a variation in that. For this you can choose to go with the classic black suit but create a contrast with different colored prom vest. For example you can pair the single breasted navy suit with a white dress shirt, a navy polka dot tie and a light grey prom vest. To complete the look you can add with it a pair of dark brown leather oxford shoes.

Other than these standard picks if you are feeling a little more experimentative then you can choose to go with bright colored prom vests which will help gather attention. For example a maroon three piece suit is a good choice since the darker ones like the maroon prom vest and the olive green prom vest will have a stylish yet subtle look that makes it a great choice for the event. For a contrasting look you can style the maroon vest with a black suit and white dress shirt and then complete the look with a pair of black leather cap toe shoes.

Men's Vest If the prom is having a vintage theme then you can go with the styles of prom vest that were popular at that particular period of time. For example if it is a 70s themed prom party then we would recommend you to try out of the Victorian styles of bright colored prom vests. For example you can go with a powder blue prom vest paired with a matching suit and white ruffled dress shirt. To properly complete the look add with it a powder blue bow tie and if possible powder blue leather oxford shoes.

This type of matching bright colored suit looks were popular at that time and some of the other recommendations are purple prom vests and hot pink prom vests. The details of the prom vest also matters a lot in the look. For a simple look go with a single breasted prom vest while the double breasted prom vests provide with a more elegant look. As for the fit of these fashion prom vests when you need a perfect fit you can go with the designer prom vests. But if you consider these high fashion prom vests to be expensive then you can opt to choose mens cheap prom vest in off the rack designs. For a fitting look go with the slim fit prom vests while for a comfortable prom vest design go with the classic fit prom vest or the big and tall prom vests.