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Mens Velvet Vest

With the festive season nearing you might not start stressing about the holiday outfits that you will have to pick. While there are numerous options to choose from getting the one that ticks of all the boxes of being elegant and at the same time stylish and trendy is a hard feat to achieve. For this we would recommend you to try out the mens velvet vest since the velvet seems to have become one of the hottest trends this season. In this article we discuss the mens velvet vest and some of the best ways in which you can style the garment.

When we say mens velvet vest most of you would think about the classic three piece suit look with the mens velvet vest. But in reality there are more than one ways in which you can style the mens velvet vest. Thus if you get to know how to style the garment then mens velvet vest might be one of the most versatile piece of garment that you can have in your wardrobe. Weddings, important dinner events or festive gatherings you can style the mens velvet vest to any type of event and make the outfit look special.

The mens vest was a staple piece in mens outfit for a long time in the early years. They considered it to be the part of the whole outfit and thus a man who stepped out without a vest was considered to be underdressed. Also the lack of modern heating systems resulted in people wearing layers inside the houses too. Thus men wore the vest for the better part of the whole day. But when the world War started rationing for the raw materials in all industries was done. In the clothing industry rationing resulted in the ban of extra garments which also included the mens vest. Thus the use of mens vest dropped and soon became non existent. But after the world War the usage of mens vest returned but not to the degree which was before the war. Since then the mens vest has been in and out of style and in recent times it seems to be the period where it is in style.

The mens velvet vest is also widely known as mens velvet waistcoat in some parts of the world. When you wear the mens velvet vest with a formal suit the three piece suit look is achieved which is considered to be a elegant look. This three piece suit look complete with a mens velvet vest is mostly recommended for formal events like important dinner events, award events, weddings and such. Another advantage with this three piece suit look is that you will have the option of looking classy even when you choose to lose the jacket for some time. The addition of the mens velvet vest gives the wearer a rich and elegant look that will make them appropriate for the event.

Other than the three piece suit look you can also opt to go with the two piece suit in which you pair the mens velvet vest with the dress pants and complete the outfit with a mens dress shirts. In this case you can lose the jacket and this will give you a stylish and youthful look. This mens velvet vest without jacket look is gaining a lot of attention in the recent times.

The color of the mens velvet vest that you purchase plays a major role in the versatility of the garment. If you want a style that you can wear with almost all garments be it formal or casual it would be good to go with mens black velvet vest. Other than this you can also opt to go with navy mens velvet vest since navy pairs well with most colors. It is always recommended for you to go with the darker shades of Velvet vests since velvet tends to look better in darker shades.

Burgundy mens velvet vests and olive green mens velvet vests are also good options when you need to go with more vibrant shades of vests rather than the usual black and navy velvet vests. Other than this if you are dressing for a fun party or costume event then you can go with the brighter shades of mens velvet vests like pink mens velvet vests and wine red mens velvet vests.

The fit of the mens velvet vests is another important thing to note. The vests were originally designed to provide better shape to the outfit of men. Thus make sure that your mens velvet vest is of perfect fit. For this the garment should cinch around the middle and flatter the natural lines of your waist without clinging on too much. Custom made mens velvet vests can be a good choice but off the rack fits are less time and money consuming. Slim fit mens velvet vest is the best choice for tall and slim men. Classic fit mens velvet vest is a good choice when you need a slightly roomier style. Big and tall mens velvet vest is the one you should go with if both the fits do not match your body type.

As for the style of the mens velvet vest the single breasted mens velvet vest are considered to be the ones that are most preferred. The double breasted mens velvet vests are more of a formal style and could give your outfit an elegant look. Choose the style that would suit your taste and personality the best.

The number of buttons on the mens velvet vest also influences the look of the garment. The ones with more number of buttons have a high neck ans would mostly suit the men with tall stature. The mens velvet vests with lower number of buttons and with a plunging neck are the ones that are suitable for the mens of shorter stature. This is because of the fact that the mens velvet vests with lower neck will make the men look taller and leaner.