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Groomsmen Cotton Shirt If you are a person who likes vintage styles and would like to wear them with modernized garments then you need not look further than the ruffled tuxedo shirts. While some might consider this style long gone and rightfully so we are in the era of bold dressing and thus the ruffled tuxedo shirts are making a comeback though in a small scale. Now if you are curious read further since we discuss all you need to know about the ruffled tuxedo shirts and why you can add one to your wardrobe.

The ruffled tuxedo shirt came into style in the mid 1900s when the formal dress shirts when out of style. This style of mens tuxedo shirts blew to be a great deal when some of the fashion forward celebrities of that time wore these shirts for the Academy Awards of 1959. At the start the white ruffled tuxedo shirts were the norm but by the start of the 1960s ruffled tuxedo shirts with color edging started to become the trend. As for the size of the ruffles on the shirt it still remained to be small. By the mid 1960s the style became a major one and ruffles became a favorite among men so much so that the cuffs of the shirts also came with ruffles. Soon after the ruffled tuxedo shirt styles proliferated with the shirts even coming out with double ruffles.

With time the ruffled tuxedo shirts also came in different colors other than white. For example pale pink ruffled tuxedo shirts and pale blue ruffled tuxedo shirts were some of the few that were most popular among the men of that time. Also the ruffles started invading the casual shirts too thus coming out in different textures and patterns. The formal ruffled tuxedo shirts were worn with dinner jackets. By the late 1960s the ruffled tuxedo shirts did not have collars and thus the traditional bow tie that were styled with the dinner jacket can be replaced with neckpiece that is gold plated.

Groomsmen Cotton Shirt If you are thinking of trying out the ruffled tuxedo shirt style then here are some of the things you need to consider before buying it. The reason for which you are getting this ruffled tuxedo shirt is the one that you should consider while getting the shirt. If you are getting the ruffled tuxedo shirt for pairing with a formal tuxedo then you can go with the formal ruffled tuxedo shirt with French cuffs and wing collar. This style of the ruffled tuxedo shirt is an elegant style to have in your wardrobe.

When you go with this formal white ruffled tuxedo shirt that were at the peak during the 1970s you might feel that it is uncomfortable since the front of the shirt is stuffy and stuff because of its starched nature. While some may consider this style to be flashy you can opt for the usual flat front white tuxedo shirt but you will be missing out on the elegant vintage style.

1970s were the time when men were dressing unconventionally. The phrase of peacocking had the most definite example at that time. In recent times the ruffled tuxedo shirt has come back in style. Some of the prominent brands like Saint Lauren and Gucci have been advertising this style for decades now. 2020 has been a great year for ruffles since many styles have adorned the runways with ruffles.

If you are attending a prom or a party which has the 70s theme then the ruffled tuxedo shirt is a must have for the event. For a formal style you can pair the white ruffled tuxedo shirt with a black tuxedo and black bow tie. This standard style will make you look simple but at the same time elegant. This might be a good choice for men who likes to go with simple styles. For this you can go with tuxedo shirts with minimal ruffles and you can forgo the ruffles on the cuffs.

On the contrary if you are going to dress bold for the event and don't mind being the center of attention in the event you are attending then you can go with the bold styles of ruffled tuxedo shirts. These ruffled tuxedo shirts might be of bright colors and have large flowy ruffles that adorns the front of the shirt and the shirt cuffs.

Groomsmen Cotton Shirt For a bold style you can pair the purple tuxedo with a purple ruffled tuxedo shirt and purple bow tie. The matching garments were trending at that time and you can easily imitate the style. Other than this another important style that was unique in the 1970s is the powder blue tuxedos. For a distinct look you can pair the powder blue tuxedo with a formal white classic ruffled tuxedo shirt and a oversized black bow tie. You can complete the look with a pair of black patent leather dress shoes. Other than this you can also go with the pink tuxedo paired with pink ruffled tuxedo shirt and pink bow tie. You can complete the look with a pair of pink leather tuxedo shoes.

As for the material of the ruffled tuxedo shirts you can choose it while keeping in mind the event and style of the outfit you are going for. For example if you are going with a formal style that you can pair with a classic black tuxedo then you can opt for a classic cotton ruffled tuxedo shirt that is complete with the French cuffs and wing collar. But when you need a flashy look that properly carries on the vibe of the menswear in the 70s then you can go with the silk ruffled tuxedo shirt or the satin ruffled tuxedo shirt. When you shop for the vintage ruffled tuxedo shirt look for the best by going through the ruffled tuxedo shirt for sale in the online websites. Designer ruffled tuxedo shirts are the best but when you need cheap ruffled tuxedo shirts you must compromise on the quality.