Let’s be real. Wearing a suit during the hot and humid summer months can make a grown man cry. That may sound lame, but it’s true. There are men who will go out of their way to avoid wearing a suit, especially a linen suit during the summer. Linen suits are kryptonite to some men. Those men have a wrinkle complex, and linen is the Lex Luther of wrinkles. One of the best things about a black linen suit is how hard it is to spot those wrinkles.

How to Look Your Best Black Linen Suit
Black Linen Suit

Wrinkles do get a bad rap in the dress category. For some reason, the almighty fashion gods say wrinkles spoil the look of success. But those snobs don’t realize that every gangster worth his weight in gold on the big screen puts on linen to impress his lady. A linen suit is the mark of good taste, especially if that linen suit is black.

A Black Linen Suit is Not Just for Funerals

Black linen is not just for funerals. A black linen suit has class written all over it. A black linen double-breasted suit can walk the line between casual and dressy like the guy that walked across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope. Black linen is flawless in its appearance, wrinkles and all.

But to wear black linen the right way, men must know how to accessorize. Black linen calls for smart choices. The shirt, shoes, socks and tie, if you take that road, must stand on their own. But they also must be the hooks that pull people closer to the essence of black.

Black linen is beautiful. And that beauty can dance through a social event when a pale blue shirt and light gold tie scream for attention. Deep tan straight tip shoes and the black pattern, over the calf socks with speckles of cream running through them, give the black suit the status it deserves.

Reasons to Be Brave and Wear a Black Linen Suit

But some men stay away from black suits. Black suits are like black cats to some men. They may be nice to look at from a distance, but they are a sign of bad juju for them. Thankfully, black linen rises above the taboos and the innuendos. Black linen is the fabric that makes all linen credible, especially in suits.

It takes a special kind of man to wear a black linen suit with a plum color T-shirt and a pair of black tassel, moc toe, loafers. That man can cross the boundaries of fashion and reach into his own style war chest. He is the man who wears a black linen suit to a social function and rocks the room.