Does this sound familiar? It's two months before the prom, and you are still wandering around the Internet trying to find a prom suit. You don't want just any prom suit or some stale tuxedo for this display of accomplishment and affection. After all, dressing up in a monkey suit is not your style, right? This is where color comes in, like a fashionable red or burgundy prom suit.
You have to go big or not go at all to this festive occasion with your current squeeze. The last thing you want to do is wear that ratty blue sports jacket and khaki pants hanging in your closet collecting dust. If you're like most young men, you can rock a red or burgundy prom suit with ease. If you aren't sure how to accessorize it, here are some tips you'll love.

Should You Dress Like Pharrell?

As you surf the net looking for just the right threads, visions of Pharrell Williams dance behind your eyes. You realize you have to impress and be your best at this major school event. All eyes will look your way. You may not want to wear a tux jacket and a pair of shorts like Pharrell did at the Oscars last year. But, you have to pick something that pops.

You probably want to forget about black and navy suits. They are seriously boring. You need a purple, no, a burgundy prom suit like that one dude wore at last year's Oscars. Burgundy is bold, and it's a color your squad will never wear because they don't get it. But you get it, and when you slip on the burgundy jacket with slimmer lapels and narrow shoulders, you know you will rock it like a rock star.

How to Rock the Burgundy Prom Suit

A burgundy skinny fit suit with a shorter jacket length and narrower legs is the regal outfit that will put you in another league. If you have a slim build, that suit is all you. It will accent the smart, ultra-modern look of the tapered trouser legs. It's the night to be stylish. You'll be the guy who uses a bold, untraditional color to make an entrance.

Your skinny, flashy tie won't be too flashy, and your pocket square will give the jacket the class it deserves. Your white shirt with tiny polka dots will be eye candy for dudes who know how to dress. Add some calfskin, pointed toe, long boats with a slightly higher heel to give you the edge on the dance floor.

Your burgundy prom suit sends a strong message to your date. That message is you are here to party, and you want her to enjoy all there is on this special night. You take her seriously, Burgundy is the color of seriousness and style. You have style, and you want her to know you can flaunt it when you need to.