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Mens Ivory Dress Shirt

ivory  shirt Dress shirts are a staple in every man's wardrobe whether you are a person who suits up often or simply is content with semi formal or casual styles. As for the color of the mens dress shirts the most popular option is for you to go with white dress shirts. But it does not mean that you should have variations of the same white dress shirts but you can choose to go with colored dress shirts. In this article we discuss about the mens ivory dress shirts and why you should think of getting one for yourself rather than sticking with the white dress shirts all the time.

The mens white dress shirts are the crisp formal ones but when you think that the bright style of white dress shirts is too much then you can choose to lightly play with the shade. Especially when you style the white dress shirts for the winter or fall they might look too overbearing especially with the dull or subtle colored outfits. In that case you can simply swap the white dress shirts with mens ivory dress shirts. When you style the mens shirts you need not worry too much and just go with the way that you style the white dress shirts.

The fabric of the mens ivory shirts is the most important thing that you will have to note when purchasing for the shirts. Cotton ivory dress are the most preferred ones by men since they are breathable and can keep the wearer cool all through the day. The breathability of the dress shirts or any of the dress shirts is important since they are mostly worn under the thicker garments like mens jackets or mens blazers. When you need a casual style you can simply style the mens ivory shirts with jeans or chinos and add on top of it an overcoat.

ivory dress When you go with 100% cotton ivory shirts they can be paired with almost any garments be it formal or casual. If you are getting your first mens then it would be recommended for you to choose the cotton ones since they are the most versatile. But when you need a mens casual and would restrict the usage of formal outfits to white dress shirts then we would recommend you to go with linen ivory dress shirts. The linen is a popular summer fabric and is known to have superior characteristics when compared to cotton dress shirts. But the problem here is that they tend to wrinkle easily considering they are a relatively rough fabric. These linen are best for casual use and is one of the best recommendations for travelling.

When you go with the cotton mens ivory dress shirts and linen mens ivory dress they will look the best for formal and semi formal events. Some of the recommendations for the styling of formal ivory dress are given here and you can choose the ones that pleases your taste. For a smart look that you can even wear to your regular office day you can choose to style the mens ivory dress shirt with a navy sweater vest, navy tie and charcoal chinos. If you are styling this outfit for winter season then you can choose to add a camel overcoat and then complete the look with a pair of tan suede Chelsea boots. For a simpler and standard look you can choose to style the ivory fitted dress shirt with a navy vertical striped suit and burgundy tie. To add a dash of stylishness to your outfit you can choose to add a pair of dark brown leather brogues.

For a summer style you can choose to pair the mens ivory linen dress shirt with a light blue single breasted suit and navy tie. To properly complete the look you can choose to style with the outfit a pair of white canvas low top sneakers. Other than this you can also choose to style the summer ivory shirt with a beige single breasted blazer with light gray dress pants. To match with the light colored outfit you can choose to add with it a pair of beige suede oxford shoes.

ivory shirt When you choose to go with dressy styles of outfits then it would be best for you to go with silk ivory or satin ivory dress . These are not the usual styles that you wear to the work but are the ones that look the best when you wear them for the special occasions. When you go with these dressy you need to style them with appropriate outfits that will make you look rich on the whole. For example when you are dressing for a wedding you can choose to style the mens wedding with a double breasted burgundy suit, burgundy tie and a beige pocket square. To complete the look you can choose to add with the outfit a pair of tobacco leather Oxford shoes and tan polka dot socks. Other than this you can also go with styling mens light ivory dress with a dark green single breasted suit and a pair of brown leather Oxford shoes.

When you are on a restricting budget you cannot afford to go with 100% cotton mens ivory dress shirts. In that case you can choose to go with synthetic ones like polyester ivory shirts or blend of polyester with cotton. These synthetic fabric mens ivory will make you comprise with some of the aspects and some might argue that they will not be as comfortable as the natural fabric ones. This is true to some degree but when you work in a place that is fully air conditioned or you are dressing for winter events then the blended casual ivory shirt would not feel too uncomfortable. Thus when you select the details of the ivory dress shirts mens it would be best to consider the nature of the events that you frequent.