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Brown Dress Shirt

Brown Dress Shirt When purchasing for mens dress shirts most of us tend to go with the white dress shirt since it is the safest option which you can wear to both formal and semi formal events. Other than this light blue dress shirts and pale pink dress shirts are some of the other common choices among men.While the light colored dress shirts give a nice contrast to the dark suits you can also try pairing the suits with dark colored ones for a rich look. In this article we are going to discuss the brown dress shirts and some of the best ways you can style them as both formal and casual style.

The mens white dress shirts are considered to be the most versatile choice since we are used to the color. But when you observe closely you can see that the dark colored ones like the brown dress shirts can also be a versatile style when you know to style it right. There are a lot of types and styles available in the brown shirts and you can simply find the one that would suit you the best when you go through the ones available. For making the right pick there are some details that you will have to note.

The first choice that you will have to make is the fabric from which the shirt is made. This might depend on the personal taste of the wearer or the reason for which you are getting the mens brown dress shirt. When you need a formal shirt that you can pair with the suits and tuxedos then you can go with the cotton dress shirts. Most of the time these business comes with a subtle shimmering look and thus would be a great choice to wear it for special occasions. For a more subtle look you can go with the cotton poplin brown shirt which you can wear with suits for regular office use.

Now when you need semi formal or casual choice for summer then both soft cotton brown shirts and linen brown dress shirts will work. These fabrics are breathable and thus will keep you cool even on the day with high temperatures and will keep you comfortable. Now if you are dressing for a cocktail party or any other fun event where you don't mind dressing flashy then the silk shirts and satin brown dress are our recommendations. These fabrics will have a sheen about them that will be enhanced by the dark color of the garment.

Brown Dress Shirt The fit of the mens brown dress is also another thing that you will have to carefully consider while purchasing for it. It is important that you always go with the fitted brown shirt that will complement your body features. If you are getting the shirt for formal use that is to wear with mens suits and blazers it would be a better choice to go with slim fit brown shirts that comes with dividing seams on the back. These fit the wearer well and when you wear the suit jacket or blazer over it you will be provided with a perfect look. But if you are getting the shirt for casual use and intend to pair it with jeans or chinos you can go with the classic fit dress shirts or casual fit shirts which come with either a stretch or some pleats at the back. These type of casual shirts will not be form fitting and are best reserved for casual events. The collar type of the shirts you choose is also another detail you can note for a refined look. The most popular one is the modern button down collar brown but you can also go with the other ones like pointed collar brown shirt or spread collar whichever suits your style.

Now after you decide on the fabric of the brown dress shirt you will have to style it with proper combining garments for the look to work. Here are some ideas that we think might help you with the process. A dark brown shirt paired with a dark brown suit can be a simple yet effective look. If you want to slightly dial down the look then you can add a pair of black leather Chelsea boots to the outfit. If you are dressing for a summer wedding and you are the groom then you can opt for the contrasting look by pairing the designer with a beige single breasted suit. You can complete the look with a pair of dark brown leather loafers so that it complements the shirt.

Brown Dress Shirt Brown works well for both winter and summer and thus you may not need to be restrictive about the style that you go with. For example if you want a cool look you can pair the rayon brown shirt with a tan check blazer and white jeans. You can complete the look with a pair of dark brown suede loafers and charcoal sunglasses. For a formal look you can pair the smart casual brown shirt with a dark brown bomber jacket and brown dress pants. To give the look a more relaxed vibe you can opt to add a pair of black suede derby shoes.

Other than the usual solid brown dress shirt you can also try out the patterned brown shirt styles. For example a polka dot brown shirt paired with a white suit and brown tie is a stylish look which you can complete with a pair of dark brown tassel loafers. When you need a more subtle look you can pair the plaid brown shirt with a pair of tan blazer and beige chinos. You can turn up the style of the outfit with a pair of brown shirts leather loafers.