The 1920s will always stand out as the age when the United States went through a cultural change and an economic boom. It was the decade when fashion became a lifestyle for men and women. The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book about a rich guy living the high life in New York was not a bestseller when it was first published in April 1925. However, the book described how men wanted to dress. When it comes to fashions for men, 1920s formalwear still has an influence today.

A Classic Look with a Thematic Twist

Some fashion experts call the 1920s fashion statement a classic look with a heavy thematic twist. It was the age of double-breasted suits and bow ties. It was the decade when athleticism became a fashion statement. This was due to the leisure and comfort trend born out of a devastating war.

Achieving an Air of Wealth and Opulence

Neatness and grooming were priorities. 1920s formalwear gave men the feeling of wealth and status. This was in an age when only a few men could claim those attributes. The opulence that dripped from the pores of The Great Gatsby is still in demand today. Men want to wear vintage pieces and over-the-top accessories, as well as lavish suits and formalwear. This is the age where vintage rules. Individual style is essential to the well-being of the modern man.

1920s Formalwear: Bow Ties and Handkerchiefs

There are several 1920s-inspired looks that rock the world today. One of those looks is the bow-tie-handkerchief combination. A lavender bow tie and an off-white double-breasted linen suit make a wealth and stature style statement without words. And when the Dapper Dan haircut is part of that statement, it’s “game on.”

Emulating the Roaring 20s and the Great Gatsby Look

Colorful suspenders and the round framed, “John Lennon” glasses put any color small pinstriped, two buttoned, lightweight wool suit on fleek. A pencil thin mustache will turn a white cashmere pull-on sweater and a pair of red wide-legged pants into a living work of art. A pair of tan riding boots to a black crew-neck T-shirt, along with tight tan riding pants creates the Gatsby look. All it takes is a little imagination to bring the roaring 20s to the 21st century.

Modern Updates to 1920s Formalwear

Let’s not forget the light tan three-piece suit with the white pocket square and black mens tuxedo shoes. That suit is a vintage rock star in the men’s fashion scene.

If you are lucky enough to find the right pocket watch, it will pull the look together. Skinny pants set the tone for a casual, but dressy style statement, just like The Great Gatsby did more than 90 years ago. Light brown skinny pants, a black vest, and a two-button tan wool jacket is not 1920s formalwear, but it is a 21st-century style statement.

Also, in order to make that outfit sing, a wide-brim straw fedora is a must. The Fedora is a classic icon from the roaring 1920s. It is also a style companion of the light beard look of the tech age.

There is no doubt that the Great Gatsby and his famous fictional friends still have a strong influence on how men dress today. The 1920s formalwear styles remain popular for modern and style-conscious men.

1920s Formalwear: How to Emulate Great Gatsby and His Famous Friends