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Burgundy Maroon Prom Suit Tuxedo


Shawl Collar Blazer The burgundy-colored prom suit comes in a fair number of styles and colors. The most trending of them being the collar contrast suit where the bow tie, lining of lapels and collar of the suit would be of a bright red or burgundy color.

Tuxedos are almost exactly the same as a jacket\suit\blazer, but the only difference is that tuxedos have details in satin- satin buttons, satin lapels etc. The satin makes a part of the tux, kind of shiny. A tuxedo is a man's jacket or blazer for semiformal evening dress. Mens tuxedos usually come in black or navy blue colors, but obviously are available in other colors, like red, white, red and burgundy as well. A tuxedo should be worn only during the evenings.

For proms, if you are looking into going for a burgundy suit, then the ideal fashion would be the black trim burgundy prom suit. This tuxedo is also ideal for formal dinners and as a wedding jacket. If you like your jackets to be in blacker hues, try the black tuxedo with burgundy hues. Looks extremely sophisticated and elegant with the right shirt and dress pants. Try out black dress shirt and dress pants with the same. The white burgundy wedding trim dinner jacket is ideal for weddings where the dress code is dressing lightly.

Burgundy Tuxedo If you are looking for a fancy suit but one that is not too pricey, try out a one button burgundy tuxedo with black trims. White dress shirt and black\burgundy bow tie would do a world of good to the entire ensemble. Satin lapels, always look very fancy and no man can deny that. This fancy is exactly what you are looking for to wear at weddings and proms.

Sweep your date off her feet by rocking a slim-fit tuxedo dark red paisley dinner jacket. Style it with a black shirt, red bow tie, black trousers and black dress shoes to finish the look. Paisley, especially when embroidered on a jacket in burgundy, looks very elegant when styled right and when carried with the right confidence. An off-white or ivory colored suit with burgundy lapels are the flawless style for you if you are looking for a sophisticated, elegant suit in light colors.

Burgundy Blazer The three-piece suits have been a staple in elegant men's fashion for many years now, and it is not a surprise. They are found in a variety of different color but go a little out of the norm by ditching the same old black and blue colors while looking for suits. There are so many other styles waiting to be acknowledged and a beautiful burgundy three-piece is certainly one of them. You would be lying to yourself if you think a burgundy three-piece cannot do the job for you. You can even wear paisley or striped button-down ties and they'd go greatly.

While looking for tuxedos and suits in general, always go for a slim-fit one if your body shape is rectangular or like an inverted triangle- it always suits specifically these body types well. This unique color of suits also comes in velvet, double-breasted and single-breasted types and is ideal for dinner parties and red-carpet events. So now that you know of all the different styles and types of burgundy suit tuxedos, where and how to wear them, go on-stage and charm the audience!

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