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Portly Short Sport Coats

Most of the clothing brand advertisements feature models with perfect bodies but in reality most of our bodies would never fit into those categories. This has become a hot topic for conversation how the clothing brands should be inclusive of all body types even in the advertisements. Now we all have to come to the usual standards and there are thin bodies, portly bodies and much more. Today we will talk more about the portly short sport coats and how to style them perfectly for the men who are on the shorter and stouter side.

Navy Blazer When it comes to stout men there is a misconception that it is hard to find the right styles or even more hard to look good. But when you get to know some basics the styling becomes much easier and you can make the look work without much effort. But the first thing that you want to remember is that it is important to believe that you can look good in the garments that you wear and confidently carry that look. Choosing the right clothes while styling them right can help you achieve a much better look.

Coming back to the portly short sport coats first you will have to choose on finding the right style for you. Sport coats are mainly used for the semi formal and casual events since they are considered to be much more casual than the mens blazers. If you are trying out the sport coat styles for the first time then we would recommend you to style them for the casual occasions before you go to the formal events. Choosing the right men’s portly sport coats matters and we are here with some tips which would help you with the same.

The main difference between the blazers and the sport coats is that sport coats are made from thicker and more durable materials when compared to blazers. Nowadays sport coats are also available in lightweight fabrics but this remains to be the most important distinction between the two. For portly men thicker fabric is a good choice since this means that the garment would stay properly on the man without flitting about in the wind. Thus when you purchase for portly sport coat jacket we would suggest you to go with the thicker ones like portly short wool sport coats since they are the most popular. But if you are a person who likes to go with textures then you can try going with tweed portly short coats.

Once you have made the choice of the fabric you will have to next focus on the details of the garment. These small details all together provide the whole outfit and thus it is best to pay attention to them. The mens portly sport coats outfit should be in a way that emphasizes the vertical presence of the wearer so that the portly men would look taller. It should also be styled in a way do that the body breadth is also expertly concealed making the men look taller and slimmer.

Black Blazer When you choose mens portly short sport coats it is better to choose a style that would help you blend in with the crowd. Go with the elegant and classic styles but be clear with the styling. If you are a stout person then we would suggest you to go with solid dark colored sport coats since they offer a slimmer look for the wearer. Stay away from heavily patterned portly sport coats mens since it might give a visual clutter for the viewer and give you a sloppy look. Thus when you choose the garments go for the classic styles like portly navy sport coats and portly black sport coats. These styles would help the viewer’s eye easily skim through your outfit. Other than this you can also go with the dark green sport coats and brown sport coats if you need a change in the look.

If you still want to go with patterns then stripes are your best friend. Go with portly short sport coats that come with vertical stripes since they add an illusion of extra height to the wearer. Go with dark colored pinstripe sport coats since they provide you with the blended in desirable look. Avoid heavy patterns like herringbone and houndstooth which makes the viewer’s eye linger on your outfit longer.

Standard styles are always the best when it comes to portly men. For example instead of scouring through the numerous styles you should choose to go with portly 2 button sport coats since they look good on people of any body type. If you are a very short person then you can choose to go with the single button portly sport coats. As for the trousers that you pair with the portly sport coats mens they should be worn high on the waist as much as possible. This would help the garment comfortably drape over your middle portion and create a proper look. When you choose the high waisted pants it also gives the illusion of longer legs and hence added height. If you could help forgo the belts and choose suspenders instead since it breaks the whole look into two and draws the eye of the viewer to the middle.

The last but most important thing that you will have to note about the portly mens sport coats is the fit. A well fitted garment gives you a cool look without much effort and thus make sure that the style fits you perfectly. For the portly men it is usually recommended to go with custom made styles but they can get expensive. In that case know your body type and choose a proper style. Slimfit portly coats might be a good look for the men who are slightly on the leaner side but if you want a comfortable fit then you should try going with portly fit sport coats. Big and tall portly sport coats are also available online.