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1990 Mens Double Breasted Suits for a Classic look

double breasted suits

Men's double breasted suit refers to a jacket with overlapping front flaps and two parallel columns of button which is perfect for the ones who wish to look like a complete gentleman. But unfortunately many men do not know the proper way of wearing them to look classy. First of all, one should select his suit according to his body shape and it should be tailored to his torso to avoid any kind of discomfort. This is mainly beneficial for the ones who look stout and small in their appearance because the waistline spread can be hidden by overlapping lapels. It is suggested to choose peak lapels for double breasted attire because it is considered to be the latest fashion trend whereas notched lapels were used in early 1990's and it is considered as an old style of fashion.

These suits are available in trendy designs with many variations in the button style but it is better to choose six button jacket marked by two rows of vertical button to look stunning and stupendous. The pinstripe and windowpane pattern are very popular and famous when compared to other designs of its type. Pinstripe double breasted suit is used for formal business meeting for a typical suave look and windowpane design is used in the field of sports to provide good comfort. Appropriate accessories, matching shirts and balancing the jacket with trousers are the prime factors to represent a perfect gentleman.