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Silver suits are back in vogue

Flaunting handsome style than regular black and providing timeless appeal than navy blue, the scintillating silver suits are again back on the fashion runway. The gleam and shimmer of this luxurious wear made it to be a must have in every man's wardrobe. If you are in confusion that which suit styles you better or which hue accentuates your personal style and outlook, then this glamorous silver tone outfit is definitely going to be the solution. Creating a dapper silhouette on the wearer, this sensational ensemble is great for formal events such as nailing an interview or attending business meetings and even casual occasions like parties and evening galas, when you need to look your best. Buying this serene men's wear alone will not bring you the desired external visage. Having the common sense of with what it works best and what should not be paired with it gives you the best results and this articles educate you about how to carry this rich clothing without making any fashion flaws.

Mens Silver Suit Silver Suit Silver Suit

Never over do:

The shiny exterior of this stylish outfit is versatile enough to create an enchanting sleekness so you need not embellish it with heavy accessories. Never try to impose any bold colored or funky patterned dress shirts along with this super cool silver suit as it might make your overall appearance look amateur. Keeping it simple with clean white shirt and supple black tie provides a sophisticated frame to your handsome build than overdressing with flashy accents.

Dress to your style:

The word sharp dressing is closely associated with the fit and it is often misunderstood that the attire that skims your body is considered as the right fit but it is not so. The one that outlines your masculine physique well hiding the physical flaws without appreciating a hang off appearance is determined the best fit. However, dressing by keeping your personal style and shape helps you reduce the hassle of approaching the tailor after buying it. So select the silver suit that favors your style rather than choosing the one that simply looks good.

Accessorize according to the settings:

Formal functions:

It is good to pair silver suit with French cuff dress shirt and vibrant black tie, for formal events. Always keep in mind that traditional bow tie works well for parties but not for business events.


Simple and clean white shirt with patterned tie and black oxfords render you the perfect vibe of the groom. Never think of pocket square when you dress up for weddings, as doing so will employ you the look that is ideal for night parties and not the grace that is required for a wedding prom.


During unpleasant events such as funerals, the silver suit must be worn with black toned dress shirt, shoes and knitted tie. Avoid wearing cufflinks or other silver accessories like lapel pins and tie clips that look odd when paired with black.

The uncanny ability to blend with different color palettes and combinations makes this ethnic lightweight suit rank top amongst its black and navy counterparts and owning one silver suit is enough to make an easy and elegant dress up for events to come.