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Striking London Fog Overcoats for Men

As winter is just about to hit, everyone will be in hunt of ways that keep cold at bay. There may be countless ways but the simplest way that keeps you warm without breaking the bank is buying an overcoat. With several brands of garments, it would be daunting for any customer to end up with a quality product, but this is not the case when it comes to an overcoat since every wise man knows that London Fog Corporation is the only place, where quality attires are made. With the venture of striving hard against drench and chillness, the stylish London fog overcoats are experiencing a giant run in fashion industry.

Overview of London Fog Corporation:

In 1923, Israel Meyers found this garment company and christened it as "London town clothing company". At the time of invention itself, it managed to get decent orders and one of its remarkable orders was designing waterproof overcoats for U.S Navy, during World War II. Later in 20th century, it became one of the leading outwear manufacturers for men by infusing many innovations in men's wear collections, especially in overcoats. In collaboration with DuPont, a renowned chemical industry, they developed a water repellent fabric for overcoats with a removable lining. This became a massive hit in fashion industry and drew several investors for their company. After the success of their new invention, they transferred their head quarters from Baltimore to Darien, Connecticut, where it continues to remain till date.

London Fog Overcoat

Qualities That Astonish the Wearer:

The London fog overcoats are available in seventeen different models and it would be difficult for anyone to figure out any faults in the design or construction since, each model is created with genuine quality, style and comfort. With price ranging from $50 to $100, there is a unique outerwear for every masculine man in London fog website.

Sharp Shoulders:

Whether you button it up or leave un-buttoned, the London fog overcoats will always stay close to your body avoiding the frumpy baggy look. The cut and design of this invaluable attire is done in such a way that it hugs your shoulder properly rendering depth and dimension to your masculine physique.

Picture Perfect Length:

Length is the crucial portion in any heavy duty men's wear since; it is the deciding factor of comfort and style. Every other overcoat runs below the knee whereas these collections flaunt a height, couple of inches above the knee for versatility. It is the perfect proportioned length that makes this stylish men's outerwear go a way ahead.

Non-Restricting Sleeves:

Sleeves fall on the wrist covering it elegantly, giving a distinct grace to your slender hands. The trimmed down craftsmanship of the sleeves makes the entire model look flattering.

Though the London Fog Corporation has involved fiercely in the production of men's wear and leather goods, overcoats are their mainstay. And the widespread popularity of London fog overcoats makes their yearly revenue up a notch. takes privilege in maintaining remarkable contribution to their growth by gearing their product's online purchase.