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Light Grey Suit


Light grey suits are pretty casual suits. They are more preferred for dinner and cocktail parties and hold a special place in the wardrobe of all sophisticated wearers. While dark suits are most preferred for official occasions, the lighter ones are most suited for casual events. Light grey suits are less formal and rarely patterned, with pinstripes or plaid and checks which makes it even.

What to wear with the light grey suit?

You can wear a white shirt and a black tie with the light grey suit. Shirts tinted with light green, strawberry milk pink, lilac and powder blue are awesome to blend with light grey suits. The best shoes to be worn with these are black and brown ones.

Construction of the light grey suit

For light grey suits, wool and cotton are naturally used since it is more of a warmer climate suit. Tropical wool and lightweight wools are generally used for the purpose of tailoring these suits. Wool can keep away moisture from the wearer and it drapes smoothly around the man. Linen is used for tropical and summer suits. Dyed linen has a flat texture and dull appearance as contrasted to wool. Cotton suits are more budget friendly but are subject to more wear and tear and are less breathable and water proof. Then there are the woolen flannel suits which are heavy weight. These are soft and provide enormous comfort to the skin and body. They are suitable for wearing for a longer period on a winter or a summer evening.

Fit of the light grey suit

The light grey suit surely comes in the popular single breasted style. The single breasted style makes the suit versatile and multipurpose. It is then an off the rack piece. Double breasted style and 3 pieces are not suitable for such a pastel light shade of color. They come with a 2 buttoned front closure which provides visual heightening and slimming effect. The informal and cool fashion of the jacket is marked by the V shape and the good expanse of shirt front. These jaunty and casual suits can be worn without a necktie while wearing a formal suit without a necktie will not look good. Always try to keep your suit stain free as they will show off brighter on light grey suits.

To obtain a casual and hot look with your light grey suit

Blend the light grey suit with a pair of classically white colored penny loafers or lace ups. In contrast, brighter shoes will draw attention to your suit and add hues to your appearance. Rich burgundy and attractive navy will add a color of contrast and complement the grey suit very well.

To obtain a formal mien with the light grey suit

A white shirt with a black tie goes well with the suit and gives a ceremonious look. You can use ties in pastel shades of purple and blue too. Choose accessories carefully. Wear nice silver, navy blue, brown or black watches. You can use tie bars and cuff links to synthesize with the grey.


Sport the light grey suit and entice by choosing the ensemble cleverly. The accessory collection, the shirt, tie and shoes are to be settled upon cleverly to stand out and be the man of the event. You can make a mark anywhere and everywhere in these suits which are designed especially for you. These suits are found in Mensitaly - A website consisting of men's suits, shirts, tuxedos, shoes, accessories and so on online. Light grey suits from Mensitaly are usually fabricated from super 150's wool or satin. They provide the wearer with a cool and jaunty appearance. They are usually vented and make motion effortless. They come in the multipurpose single breasted style. They provide timeless and soul stirring performance. So, order from mensitaly, wear and provide pleasure to yourself as well as the beholder.