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Hardwick clothes - An epitome of suit makers:

With the goal of making better clothes out of better materials, the Hardwick clothes has separate place in the style agenda of fashion industry. The finest craftsmanship of the quality apparels that are coming out from the production house of this oldest clothing company speaks a lot about the heritage and tradition of the sartorial art. Having the most sought after and best known designers, it always hits the market with never seen before collections every year and being the recipient of the Garden and Gun award, this year the American based clothing company has planned to offer several new arrivals that stay in the hearts of fashion freaks ever.

Mens Hardwick Clothes

History of Hardwick clothes:

This America's oldest maker of tailored clothing was established by C.L. Hardwick, a local businessman, in Cleveland, in 1880. It had started in the name "Cleveland woolen mills" and found success in making an innovative fabric known as jean cloth that consist wool and cotton as the base. This unique cloth was roped in for the construction of Dollar pants, which later turned as a big hit among the fashion mavens. In 1925, it changed its name as "Hardwick woolen mills", when it evolved into vertical operation of weaving the wool yarn at one end of the factory and tailoring the garments at the other end. In 1940's, the Hardwick woolen mills manufactured almost 40,000 military uniforms to the soldiers for free of cost and showed its patriotism towards the country.

Later, the craze for wool dropped as the synthetics raised its head into the garment industry and this made the clothing company to stop the wool weaving business and concentrate solely on the men's tailored clothing, changing the name as "Hardwick clothes". For staying competitive against the increasing supply of cheap and off shore clothing, the company equipped itself with modernized garment manufacturing machines and shifted its manufacturing plant to a new, 175,000 sq ft area on the outskirts of Cleveland. Though it got encountered with recession, two World Wars, inflation and factory fires, the company managed to overcome these troubles and produce surpassing quality suits, jackets, pants etc, making its customers happy. Right now, the company is in the hands of Allan Jones, who is with the mission of increasing the investment of the firm by expanding the production and as of now, the Hardwick Clothing is producing 2, 500 clothing pieces a week.

New arrivals of Hardwick clothing:

The latest new additions are the brand new English blazer and king cotton khakis. The imported materials from England and Italy build these high end attires. The blazer shines with the buttons that match the color of a gold Rolex yacht master watch and the interior exudes a custom designed bemberg purple lining. The long spun cotton fabric makes the khaki pants to garner huge craze and apart from it, the name that is inspired by the musical piece of John Philip Sousa, the King Cotton March has also adds to its fame.

In current trend, Hardwick clothes is remaining at the fore front in garment production and with its trend setting work on cutting, sewing, and distribution operations many consumers have started associating with the name Hardwick throughout the world.