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What Color Shirt Goes With Blue Dress Pants?

The colorful questions burden every man, everywhere. What color shirt goes with a choice of pants is truly the art of dressing; one must learn the basics of color coordination. And learning to combine colors isn't as difficult as you might think. Considering the science of color coordination men need to understand which color looks better and good on them and it is important to make choice which complements their hair, eye color and complexion.

Dress Shirts

Since pants provide the foundation for every outfit, they should always appear understated, polished and refined. Of all color blue stands out with unique quality of providing a pleasant impact overall.

The magical quality of Blue is it makes a man look younger. Now choosing a color of shirt which pulls acceptable attention depends according the code of clothing.

White goes with any and every color, a white shirt works with absolutely anything you have, especially those uniquely colored items you're not sure how to match. A classic, well-fitting white shirt is timeless, worth its weight in gold, and sure to keep you on the front line of fashion.

Grey is a better choice for bright colors. Gray itself is a smart, sophisticated color that's cool, classic and chic. Choosing grey helps in avoiding the risk of experiment.

To be greeted with favorable attention, avoid loudly colored and strangely patterned shirts to prevent from looking clownish.

Most obvious of all, you can simply pair bright shade colors with bright shade colors or dark shade colors with dark shade. Again it is important to consider the individual's body stature and complexion while making a choice between bright or dark shade colors.

It is better to be safe than to be sorry so pairing complementary colors of shirts over blue dress pants would be a better option. Matching complementary colors together is a sign of a confident, knowledgeable dresser, and doing so creates an impressive, color-rich palette.

Here below are few notes to undertake to understand how a nature of color helps in making a decision.

Complementary colors: As opposite poles attracts so does a lighted blue shirt over blue dress pants looks cool, Blue is also opposite of orange so gold, rust, and brown are complementary shades of blue.

Analogous colors: Colors, which are next to each other on the color wheel, go well together, such as blue pants, a blue-green shirt and a forest green jacket.

Warm and Cool: Select two warm colors with one cool or two cool with one warm to create dynamic harmony. Examples Hue blue suit, lemon chiffon or Beige color shirt and red tie, or a yellow shirt, rust jacket and blue jeans.

Monochromatic: Can be all one color, or different shades, tones or tints of one color.

Neutral: Dress Shirts in shades of white, black, gray or beige. Half white or full white shirt all are neutrals. It may not be a dynamic look, but it is sophisticated.

Seasonal Colors: Like the pastels of yellow, are usually associated with summer, while autumn colors are rust, brown, green, and burgundy. Wearing rust in the summer, or light yellow in the fall looks out of place.

Choosing a particular color shirt over blue dress pants isn't that difficult after observing all the factors, which helps in making a choice or decision regarding selecting a shirt.

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