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Black leather jackets for men


Leather jackets are iconic pieces and are often sported by celebrities at events. You can create your own style statement and experience timeless durability in leather jackets. A leather jacket is a must have to add a dashy look to your wardrobe and for a perfectly stylish appearance.

Why must you have a leather jacket?

There are some extremely valid reasons for wanting to buy a leather jacket.


Pause for a while and ponder on the cultural image of the leather jacket. You will then recall its projection as the rough and tough wear and would have seen guys flaunting leather jackets for hunting, field sports, piloting, warring and other similar purposes. Thus, you see that leather jackets can be worn for a flamboyant, proud and confident look which is greatly associated with the masculine.


Leather offers protection against the elements. It is water resistant and wind immune. With increased treatment, it becomes better.


Do you remember seeing the attire of ancient soldiers in museums? These are of course fabricated from leather. They have stood the test of times and have remained robust for ages. This is the capacity of leather in terms of firmness and endurance.

Black leather jackets

Black leather jackets have been timeless and black makes you look classic and stylish. The black leather jacket will thus help you cut a fine figure and exude flamboyancy. It augments fashion and trend. There are various types of black leather jackets for men.

Types of black leather jackets

Bomber flight style black colored jacket

It comes in plane crew style and provides coziness to the wearer. These are no frill jackets that come with a delicate and comfortable inner lining. Typical lining materials are fleece and corduroy. Jackets extend till the waist with the waist and sleeves having a tight grip over the respective body parts. This is since they come with elastic openings. Jackets have flap or side pockets which improve efficiency and govern easy and effortless motion.

Black colored motorcycle leather jacket

This men's apparel features big lapels which spread out well. The collar fastens around the neck. Both of these come with snaps to hold them in place even during strong winds. Front zipper runs at an angle, and lapels fold over each other. Although jacket gives you a ruffian like appearance, you can pull off a dignified look if the buckles and the snaps are not too heavy.

Moto racer jacket

Motos are cozy streamlined jackets and come with a snap collar or without any collar. They exhibit a very easy and uncomplicated fashion. They are streamlined jackets which provide for easy and effortless motion. They are most suited for bike racing and come with stripes or designed front panels. If you wear them otherwise, they will project you as if you are dressed out for some fancy dress competition.

Leather blazers

They come in large numbers and tend to slip in and out of fashion.

Apart from these, there are many other lesser popular styles like the duster, fatigue and cattlemen.

Great ways to style and accessorize leather jackets

  • Blend your black leather moto racer jacket with skinny jeans and this is a great wear for any casual spot from the coffee shop to the disco. In case of more official occasions, combine the apparel with black wingtip brogues. They make you feel perfectly on top of any conference.

  • Team a short leather jacket with formal pants and lace ups of a different color. They look awesome and stylish.

  • Synthesize your black leather jacket with a blue hued, checked patterned shirt and a pair of shorts. This is an irresistible combo to give you a hot and debonair look and most suitable for a relaxed Sunday with your best pals.

There are many other accessories and add-ons that you can use with the black leather jacket to obtain the perfect look for each and every occasion.


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