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Pleated Creased Pant If you are stressing about the shooting temperatures and all your clothes in the existing wardrobe starts to feel stuffy it is the indication that you are in need of linen. Linen regarded a go to for the songwriters of the 90's lost their footing for some time. But nowadays we see an increasing spotting of this style being rocked by men regardless of the age or the profession.

This easy acceptance may be attributed to the fact that it is a excellent summer fabric and can probably save you from your back sticking fabrics. The only thing that people argue against the fabric is that it creases too much. Unless you are attending a important business meeting or the President then worry not since the creases do not create much of a shabby look instead just has a lived in look. Also if you are too worried about the creases then you have the option of blends. Linen are available in blends with other fabrics like cotton and wool. These blended fabrics perform much better in terms of creasing or wrinkling.

mens dress pants are the best when it comes to fighting off the heat. As opposed to the popular belief linen is not exclusive for casual wears and when worn properly performs great as a smart casual wear which you can wear to your office. Also you have the added benefit of dressing it up and down thus making them more versatile.

As we all know summer complements brighter colors and lighter shades. Also the darker colors absorb and retain heat for a long time thus making them unsuitable for the hot days. When it comes to linen, the classic lighter shades are available like the cream, beige, white and such. White and cream are some of the popular options when it comes to linen trousers.

Modern Fit Flat Slacks Styling of the linen dress pants requires two points to be kept in mind. It can be either tailored or casual. If you are needing a formal look like to pair with prom jacket blazer outfits or to wear as an office wear then go with the tailored version. A white linen dress pant along with a beige polo neck sweater and a beige jacket is a summer wedding worthy look. At the same time pairing them with dark colored prom suit jacket and a tie will give you a nice outfit for your work. It is always best to avoid pairing linen suits with linen shirts and better to go with cotton or tencel shirts. Complete the look with a suitable pair of smart casual shoes like the suede loafers.

The casual style of pants must be paired with a neutral colored t-shirt or a patterned button down dress shirt. Pairing a white linen trouser or chinos with printed tees is the most casual look you can get out of it. You can also pair the white linen dress pants with a navy crew t-shirt and a proper pair of navy leather shoes to get the smart casual look which you can pull off in a casual day at office.