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Windowpane Suit

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Windowpane Suit We cannot emphasize enough on how much the fashion world is constantly changing. By saying this statement we do not mean that fashion is a volatile one that changes entirely in a blink. The styles that we had before decades are still here but with changes that conform with the requirements of the people in recent times. Some fashions go out of trend only to make a dashing comeback in the future. One such style is the windowpane suits which disappeared for a while but is again trending in the recent times.

If you do not know what a windowpane suit though it is highly unlikely these are suits with patterns with square plaid patterns that resemble the panes in the olden design of windows. The square plaid patterns are usually made of perpendicular pinstripes that intersect each other to form squares and sometimes even rectangles. The pattern was a hit in the early times which slowly disappeared. But now even the young generation is obsessed with the style and thus it is time to get to know about the style.

Windowpane suits have many advantages and thus their popularity is not simply because of a random luck. The windowpane suits look good on almost all types of body and thus is the one that is most preferred. The thinly patterned suit gives a sleek and sophisticated look to the wearer which is a great look. Other than this as we mentioned before windowpane suits are made of slightly elongated rectangles and thus when worn by the a short person can give a elongated look that will make the wearer look taller and sometimes even slimmer. Thus windowpane suits are one of the most recommended styles for the short and well built men.

Another great advantage with the windowpane suits is that the styling of the suits become easier because of the patterns on the suit. For example if you are wearing a beige windowpane suit that comes with burgundy stripes you need to think no further and just pair the suit with a white dress shirt and burgundy dress pants. Other than pairing combining garments of same color you can go with shirts and ties that is of family colors of the stripe colors. This helps a great deal the people who find it exhausting to figure out the combination of clothes that they wear everyday. The windowpane suits give you a refined look that you can achieve without putting much work.

Windowpane Suit The windowpane suit can be a versatile style when you know how to style it right. The formal plaid pattern when paired with lighter colors can give a casual outfit. The fact that windowpane suits look great on all men also helps a great deal with the popularity that the windowpane suits are currently enjoying. But you can change the details on the windowpane suits depending on your requirement or your preference. For example if you are a well built person then you can go with pinstripe windowpane suits since they give a slimming appearance. But men who are on the leaner side and would like to look a little broader then you can go with slightly thicker stripes on the windowpane suits.

These size of the checks on the windowpane suits also affect the look of the suit. Go with slightly longer checks on the windowpane suits when you want a slimming look. The size of the checks on the windowpane suits also influence the formality of the suit. Windowpane suits with smaller checks are considered to be a formal style. These formal windowpane suits can be styled to both formal and semi formal events. As the size of the checks increases the formality of the windowpane suits decreases. The casual windowpane suits have large checks and you can style these suits for events like summer weddings and cocktail parties.

When you style the windowpane suits for formal events make sure that the style is subtle without the checks attracting too much attention. This is because of the fact that the windowpane suits are still largely considered to be a casual style. This windowpane suits style was first popularized by the Duke of Windsor which soon spread fast since he was like a fashion icon of that time. The famous American film actor Clark Gable who is often referred to as the King of Hollywood also had a great love for the windowpane suit. He styled the windowpane suits in both extremes like wearing a peak lapel windowpane suit or a windowpane sport coat with cuffed trousers. For a while the windowpane suits style disappeared and then was spotted again in the start of this decade. By 2012 all major designers were fawning over the style with it making appearances on the runways. But this time there were no wide legged pants or padded suit jackets instead the windowpane suits has a great look that ticked all the trend elements of that time.

Checkered Suit We recommend you to go with subtle style of windowpane suits for formal events since they are also considered to be the style of Mavericks. It has a laid back vibe that might contrast with the formality of a serious event that you are attending. This is the reason for which the windowpane suits are recommended to be avoided for job interviews and first dates where making a good first impression is mandatory. But this does not mean that the windowpane suit symbolises a wrong idea or personality but simply has a free spirit look that is most suited for casual events.

The windowpane suits maybe got the badass vibe when Johnny Depp potrayed the gangster John Dillinger in the movie Public enemies where he is often spotted wearing a double breasted forest green topcoat with peak lapels. The outfit was a perfect look when paired with silk ties, fedora hats, leather gloves and of course a machine gun. While it is true that Johnny Depp can pull off any style, styling a windowpane suit might be easier than you think when you get to know the basics.

While getting the windowpane suit make sure that you select the material from which it is made from with care. For example if you are getting the suit for formal use you can go with wool windowpane suits. These suits will have a subdued look that can make the outfit look formal. For a light weight alternative to the wool suits you can go with cotton windowpane suits. These suits are breathable and is a good choice for men who dislike the bulky look of the wool suits.

On the contrary if you are getting the windowpane suits for a semi formal or casual event then you can go with linen windowpane suits. These linen suits are even lighter than cotton and moisture absorbent. Thus it helps a great deal with the sweating during summer and the warmer months. Because of the light weight the linen billows much and this cannot give you a perfect fit like that of the wool suits. Also the linen tends to wrinkle easily making them undesirable for formal use. Tweed windowpane suits are also a good style and is now being a favorite for weddings. Seersucker windowpane suits have a casual style that you can wear to a casual day around the town on a summer day. Silk windowpane suits and velvet windowpane suits are rare and are recommended for special occasions. Polyester windowpane suits and rayon windowpane suits are the cheaper alternative to the natural fabric suits but you should compromise on the quality of the suit.

Caravelli Suits The color of the windowpane suits influence to a great deal the look that you are going with. The windowpane suits have a bold and powerful look on the whole but choosing the right color decides the formality of the suit. For example if you are a person who suits up on a daily basis for your office but is bored with the usual solid navy and charcoal gray suits then you can try out the navy windowpane suit that cones with subtle checks. The subtlety of the checks is important since the garment will look like a solid one from a distance and the checks will not be apparent till the viewer looks closely. Thus the balance between the formal and stylish look is achieved. While going with this style it is important to keep the rest of the outfit simple leaving the suit to be the main attraction. Even if the stripes on the single breasted windowpane suit is of different color we recommend you to stick with white dress shirt but you can try out the stripes color on the tie given that it is a standard color. But not all navy windowpane suits are subtle. The one our favorite style icon Harry Styles wore for the gucci campaign in the brands cruise 2019 men's tailoring collection is a perfect example. In this he wore a classic navy windowpane suit that came with brown detailing on the cuffs and lapel and lime green detailing on the pockets and edges of the suit all the while carrying a baby lamb on his shoulders. Thus the detailing on the suit matters a lot for the formality. Other than the navy windowpane suits you can also go with gray windowpane suits for a subdued look.

For a little more casual look you can pair the windowpane suit with a bright colored shirt or a pastel shirt. For this you can observe the color of the stripe on the windowpane suit and select on the color of the dress shirt. For example of you are thinking of going with a cobalt blue windowpane suit with light blue stripes then can go with pairing the suit with a light blue shirt. But when you need a stronger effect you can pair the suit with a bright colored shirt. For example if you go with a brown windowpane suit with yellow stripes on it you can pair it with a pastel yellow shirt for a subtle look but go with a bright yellow shirt for an amplified look.

Window Pane Suit If you are a person who likes to try out new styles then you can go with swapping the plain shirts with patterned shirts. But when going with this style you should make sure that the patterns on the suit and the shirt do not clash with each other but instead complement each other. For example if you go with a dark green windowpane suit you can pair it with a light green print shirt. For a black windowpane suit you can pair it with a black Paisley dress shirt for a refined look.

The whole windowpane suit look is a bold one but if you are still not ready for the look you can opt to wear the suit as separates. While the full windowpane suit is a great bold look that you can wear to formal events like weddings or even to an award ceremony. But they will attract a lot of attention and people who are not ready for that look can just go with windowpane suit jacket with solid pants and such. This separates do not attract much attention and the half solid garment will give you a balanced look to the outfit.

Another main thing that you should note with the windowpane suit is the fit. Since windowpane suits attract a lot of attention the fit of the suit is very important. Skinny fit windowpane suit is a great look for lean and tall men. They fit you like a second skin and thus gives you a fitting look. Other than this you can go with slim fit windowpane suits give you a slimming look even to well built men. Men who want to go with a roomier fit can go with the classic fit windowpane suits. For people who are not satisfied with the above fits can go with big and tall windowpane suits.