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Custom Suits


Custom Suit Suits have become an integral part of most mens daily life. Thus now every men has atleast one suit in their wardrobe. The experience of getting your first suit and donning it on is something most men remember for a long time. This further emphasizes the importance of the first suit to be perfect in all sense. While there are a lot of things to consider the fit of the suit is the most important thing that influences the look of the suit. Getting the perfect fit can be a hard job and thus when you go for the first suit usually the custom suits are recommended. In this article we discuss the mens custom suits and all that you need to know about it when you purchase for it.

Custom suits are usually classified as luxury choice by most people since it often comes with a high price tag when compared with off the rack suits. The high price is worth paying since they are made just for you and thus the best form of luxury and sophistication. The custom suits are made for your size and thus would suit you perfectly like your second skin. If you want a suit that reflects your personality then it is best to have at least one of these custom suits in your wardrobe.

Though the mens custom suits can cost you more than your usual off the rack suits there are a lot of advantages that come with it. Before we delve into the details here is the history of how the custom suits came into being. The custom suits are being in use from the time of origin of the suits. The first custom suit is said to have been made in 1500s when Robert Baker reportedly first set up his tailoring business in London. He made suits for the king and soon his shop in jermyn street to the savile row became the epicenter of the custom clothing. Even before this century for the most part of the 1900s most men went with the custom suits and only when the industrial revolution gave rise mass producing the appeal of the custom suits started to fade. Even then it was because of the lesser price and the fascination for the perfect fit still remains.

Custom Suit Now for most men it is enough to have one custom fit suit in their wardrobe and thus choosing this must involve a great deal of consideration. In that case there are a few things that you will have to know before you go ordering your custom suit. If you are a person who is proper with this budget and would allow only one custom suit in your wardrobe then the best choice for you is to go with the charcoal grey suit. We insist on this because the charcoal grey suits are now being more versatile than the black custom suits. You can style this charcoal custom suit starting from your office to even the funerals. If you are settling with one custom suit then there is a high chance that you save the suit for the special occasions and thus instead of the usual wool suits you can try the sharkskin custom suits. This would give you a slightly richer and flashier style than the usual suits.

The next thing that you will have to note about the mens custom suits is the type of lapels. When you choose a single breasted custom suit then your best choice is to go with notch lapels. Notch lapel custom suits are the most versatile since you can style them for both formal and casual events. But when you choose to go with double breasted suits then peak lapels are the best. You can even customize the size of the lapels as per your need when it comes to custom suits.

The fabric of the custom suits should be chosen with care since they influence the performance and look of the suit a great deal. Go with high quality fabrics so that you can use the suit for a long time. Wool custom suits and tweed custom suits are the usual ones recommended but when you need lightweight styles go with cotton custom suits or linen custom suits. But when you want a cheap custom suit then you can try out the synthetic styles like the polyester or rayon suits.

The number of buttons on the suit jacket and the number of vents can look like small details but they matter a lot in the overall design. For example the no vent custom suits and single vent custom suits will give you the perfect shape but you will have to sacrifice some of the free mobility. Double vent custom suits will be more comfortable to wear and are most recommended for the big and tall individuals.

Custom Suit When ordering for the custom suit it will be best if you first decide on how you are going to use it and then choose the details depending on it. For example if you are getting the custom suit mens for the formal office use then it will be best for you to get them in classic colors like the Navy blue custom suits or charcoal grey custom suits. As for the fit you should go with the slightly roomier ones so that you can wear them throughout the day comfortably.

But if you are getting the custom suit to wear to the special occasions then you can choose to go with the custom prom suits or the custom wedding suits. These can be of flashier colors and can give you the best look for the events. Best custom suits recommendations for these events include burgundy suits and emerald green suits. If you are looking for a contemporary looking suit styles then you can choose to go with the custom leather suits or the custom sweat suits design which are less common.