Most men know buying a tuxedo can be a challenge. It’s not just the style of a tuxedo that causes them to throw up their hands in frustration when the invitation calls for “formal attire.” Finding the right mens tuxedo shirt that will make your tuxedo rise to any formal occasion can be a rapid heart-beat experience. Sure, most men know what kind of tuxedo they want to wear, even if they don’t own a tux. But you may not have a clue what style tuxedo shirt to wear to make your tuxedo a complete formal package.

Buying a Cool Mens Tuxedo Shirt Means Not Playing It Safe

Many men just go with the basic white wing-collar, ribbed front tuxedo shirt. But, playing it safe for a formal event is not always the best thing to do, especially if you have a reputation for being a clothes horse. Step up your mens tuxedo shirt game. The only way to do that is to find a shirt that fits your style, your pocketbook and your body.

That may sound strange, but most men wear a tuxedo shirt that is too loose around the collar. Others find one of those ready-to-wear tuxedo shirts that have those Yeti-type sleeves. If your shirt doesn’t fit, the whole tuxedo look falls into the “nice-try-but-no-deal” department. You can’t pull off the right tuxedo look in a laydown collar tuxedo shirt and a long black tie right if you don’t know your body measurements.

Top Mens Tuxedo Shirt Tips

You need help if you want to rock your style animal at a formal event. The best way to get that help is to go to an online site like MensItaly and search for black or white tuxedo jacket and shirts. That’s the fastest way to answer questions you have about a mens tuxedo shirt that can work for you.

Once you find the tuxedo shirt section, don’t be afraid the explore the color tuxedo shirt section. A classic white shirt may not be the best choice for your formal occasion. Spice things up with a midnight blue shirt or a black shirt. More men are wearing black on black on black to formal events. But, a black tuxedo shirt will put you in one of those on fleak black style modes.

Buying a Cool Mens Tuxedo Shirt Can Put Your Tuxedo on Fleak