Hundreds of men are going to some sort of formal event in a white tuxedo this year.

They will get a lot of positive comments on their look. Formal events are an American tradition, and along with that tradition comes to tuxes. The tuxedo is the most foolproof dress suit ever created. But most men who put on this regal Great Gatsby looking outfit never get it right. This is especially true when it comes to fit, color, accessories and style.

Rocking White: Tips from the Stars

Take one look at any recent Hollywood award show video, and those shots will prove it. For example, Brad Pitt did a Screen Actors Guild award gig with tux pants that took over his shoes. Every proper gentleman knows tux pants should touch the top of the shoes, not drown them. Actors forego a tie at times, and at other times they wear long ties. But if you're in a white tux, the vintage black bow tie is pure Bogart.

Don't rule out other colors like aqua, orange, fuchsia, purple and gold. In someone's mind, different color ties represent the type of formal event you are painstakingly attending. The formal and black-tie events require a little rule-following like wearing a white or black bow tie. But the number one rule is, "your tux has to fit properly." So, find a good tailor.

"Men take advantage of their advantages in general," according to humorist Fran Lebowitz. Fran is an avid tuxedo wearer. She added her two cents to the Lebowitz quote by saying, "But not with this." Stop fashion blunders from happening, examples for mens white wedding tuxedos range from a formal beach wedding to a Russian wedding parties.

Some Final Tuxedo Tips for You

There are some important tips to remember when you wear a two or three-button options, or a double-breasted ensemble. Midnight blue and navy are also great choices. So keep those two colors in mind when accessorizing. A pair of blue sapphire cufflinks will get lots of attention. But, a midnight blue bow tie will give the people at any type of event, "a style awakening."

If you want to keep in the real groove of any formal event, wear a pair of show-stopping shoes. The age of tired-looking footwear is over. Pull out your Mauri's or Belvederes and put on a pair of blue calf-skin suede, pointed-toe, double hidden gore, slip-ons.

White Tuxedo Tips and Tricks for Formal Affairs