The need to memorialize meaningful milestones, like your anniversary, dates back to 1607. Shakespeare and the poet John Donne wrote about celebrating anniversaries during that time. In fact, he first syllable in the word, “anniversary,” means “year” or “ring” in Latin. Since a ring has no beginning or end, the wedding ring symbolizes everlasting love. If you love to celebrate your anniversary each year, here are some anniversary suit ideas that can help you, even if you wear the same one each year.

Yes, Men Love Anniversaries Too

Believe it or not, most men look forward to celebrating their anniversary. In reality, men who are able to express their love and happiness on that special day and every day know how meaningful the anniversary date is to their mate. Those men pull out all the stops, and they make that day an affair to remember. The first step in making that day special every year is to remember the date, but that seems to be too much for some men. Not remembering an anniversary doesn’t end well for most forgetful men.

What is an Anniversary Suit?

Those men who remember their anniversary plan to celebrate it weeks ahead of time. They may even have an anniversary suit in their closets. You might ask what an anniversary suit looks like, and the answer is, a suit that reflects an upbeat mood at a certain period in life. All men own a favorite suit. Back in the old days, a man’s favorite suit was his only suit, but some men had that favorite suit in two colors.

Your anniversary suit should be sharp and stylish, yet comfortable. Although you may want to look debonair, you will be miserable if it doesn’t fit you right and it feels uncomfortable. Most importantly, make sure you buy a suit that fits you perfectly. If it doesn’t, invest in a professional tailoring. Your anniversary suit should fit you like a glove and make you feel special.

How Many Suits Should a Man Own?

Men have come a long way since those days. It’s not uncommon to have three, four, or even five suits hanging in a closet. All of them have history behind them. If you’re like most men, one of those suits was a graduation suit. It is probably the navy blue, two-button wool suit with cuffed pants.

Another suit most men own might be the gray, double breasted suit that signifies his first job interview. And then there’s the three-piece gray pinstripe suit with the notched lapels. That’s the one you probably wore last year on your anniversary, but this year is different.

You can’t wear that same suit to your favorite romantic restaurant. This year calls for a new look; a new style statement. You need to wear a skinny blue plaid, light wool, one-button suit that reminds you of soft music, cocktails and long, affectionate evenings. You should quietly express your sense of style in front of the woman you love. A cozy, candlelight dinner in that dark booth is where the magic happens. You can impress her and feel your best only when you are properly dressed.

Rocking the Same Suit with Updated Accessories

You know how it is – money is tight for most people. If you have to wear the same suit to multiple events, change up your accessories. Change up your shoes, and wear a shirt with a different collar. The collar that sits at attention under your new anniversary suit.

Your tie has to tell her how she makes you feel inside. Ties have that ability. They speak in color, and they tell her how much you care. That pocket square also gives her the reassurance she needs. The right pocket square shows her you pay attention to details and leave no stone unturned when it comes to her.

Some men don’t believe in an anniversary suit. They miss out on the anniversary hype, and they usually miss out on having the best relationship possible with their wives. If you want to make your anniversary extra-special, show her how much you care by dressing to the nines.

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