Every man has an inner James Bond lurking in his psyche. That macho, elegant man is not around most of the time, but when New Year's Eve rolls around, men start channeling their inner 007. New Year's Eve is the night when all the muck and marvels of business come to a halt. There is nothing but music, laughter, champagne and finely dressed women to appreciate. All those parties wouldn't be happening events unless a New Years tuxedo was part of the modern man's wardrobe.

Black Tie Basics: Boundaries Vs. Rules

The reality is, most men may only get a handful of black tie invitations during their lifetimes. Most men don't even think about buying a tuxedo because they say there are too many rules to follow. That's the cop out some men use to avoid buying a tux. The word, "rules," is too harsh to use to describe New Years tuxedo action. The word, "boundaries," is a better term on New Year's Eve.

Boundaries tend to be stuffy and unimaginative in a lot of situations. But, tuxedo boundaries only make men look more like that James Bond personality they keep in their imaginations. The first goal when wearing a tuxedo is to look charming and debonair in a single-breasted dinner jacket in midnight blue or black. Black tie pants in matching wool should touch your shoes in a loving fashion. This means they shouldn't immerse your patent leather slip-ons in too much wool.

New Years Tuxedo Tips

Those dark satin lapels on most New Years tuxedos are always in style. The dark satin stripe down the outside of the pants brings the jacket and the pants together in regal form. Suspenders are the heavyweights that demand attention under that single-breasted or double-breasted jacket. Instead of a belt, a cummerbund or waistcoat is also on duty with a tux. And if you want to unleash that hidden 007, a jacket with no vent is better than a jacket with a single or double vent.

Be sure to remember your hand-tied bow tie. Clip-on ties just won't hit the mark. The white shirt and black studs with matching cufflinks round out those boundaries, unless you are still looking for the right shoes. Keep it simple is the task when searching for the tuxedo shoes. New Years tuxedo shoes should be polished calfskin, plain toe brogues or slip-ons.

Some men like black suede dress slippers with embroidery to make a bold statement. Bond, being the English bloke that he is, always goes for the polished lace-up brogue, which is the money shot in tuxedo shoes.

Instead of rules, remember the tuxedo boundaries, but have fun with them. Boundaries are meant for crossing, so use your imagination and have fun in your handsome New Years tuxedo.

Dance Bands and Bow Ties - New Years Tuxedo Tips for Modern Men