Another year bites the dust, and it is New Year's Eve again. There's a big New Year's Eve party invitation on your calendar. On it are the words most men hate to read, "Black tie only." These are the words that can turn the strongest man into a weakling. Wearing a New Years Eve tuxedo can break a man's desire to party if he treats the words "black tie" like kryptonite. If you are one of them, fear not because here are some tips to make your white tuxedo fun and party-friendly.

How to Have Fun in a Tux

Most men think wearing black on New Year's Eve is not a fun idea. To them, there is a cruel paradox going on that last night of the year. Dancing your night away in a cummerbund is not that attractive when it moves around as your legs move. Since it's a fancy evening, you probably have to take the good with the bad, right?

Simplifying the New Years Eve Tuxedo

The elegance of the New Years Eve tuxedo is in its simplicity. The tuxedo is the ultimate classic, so you don't have to mess with it. Men who like wearing a tux on New Year's Eve know their tuxedo is the one suit that is annoying, complex and elegant at the same time. They don't mind wearing a tux because they put their personal spin in gear.

You can't change the basics, but you can change the color. You can also change the style of a tux. Plus, there is nothing wrong with adding accessories that reflect who you are, so:

  • Whip out that old pocket watch your grandfather gave you, and make it part of your look.
  • Slip on those blue suspenders you got last year and put a white pocket square in your black single-breasted, two button, midnight blue dinner jacket.
  • Rock a pair of blue suede plain toe slip-ons with those midnight blue tux pants.
  • Don't be afraid to wear a waistcoat instead of a cummerbund, especially if you know you are going to be Fred Astaire, if only for this one celebratory evening.

Changing Up the Black Tie

The invitation may have said "black tie," but you can substitute a blue with white polka dot bow tie for a butterfly black bow tie. No matter what you choose, you must tie it. Don't get one of those clip-on ties and think you're going to get away with anything.

Make sure you do the right thing and wear a shirt with French cuffs, too. A black New Years Eve tuxedo usually calls for a white shirt, but why not wear a light blue shirt with your midnight blue tuxedo? Finally, don't forget the socks, because this is not the night to go sockless. A dark blue patterned over-the-calf sock will work.

You may have to wear a New Years Eve Tuxedo this year, but that doesn't mean you can have a little fun with it. Add your own touches with the right accessories and a bold attitude.