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Option for the Right Suit Color

A suit is a complete outfit which always adds charm to your wardrobe. It refreshingly touches the tip of professionalism. They are attractive in nature because they evoke greater professionalism irrespective of what style you follow.

Two Button SuitCharcoal Gray Pinstripe SuitBrown Wool Business Suit

Selecting a suit color can be easier said than done, if you don't know what you're looking for. There is no denying that when people look at you they first notice the color of your dress which you are wearing. To make the best impression take time and decide on the right color for the right occasion. Colors in suits are of the following types:

Solid Colored

Solid colored suits have a single color in the entire ensemble with the jacket and the trouser of that same color and the shirt of a different color. They can be categorized into two kinds:

Neutral colored: The neutral colors include black, grey, white and brown. They are very classy, elegant and graceful as they work well with people of all skin tones. They look good on everyone and accessorizing for them is easy. If you wish to make a subtle, gentle impression go for the neutral colors.

Bold colored: If you wish to make a bold, dashing, trendy impression, these colors are your partners. Bold colors include red, green, blue, yellow, purple, pink etc. They can be worn by everyone who wishes to look like cool fashionistas. There are numerous colors on the palette to choose from!

Dark Green SuitBrown SuitCamel Suit


Patterned suits can include all suits which have some kind of prints or patterns on them like Pinstripe suits, Checkered suits, Plaid suits, Paisley suits and so on! Pinstripe is a popular pattern that consists of vertical lines running all over the suit jacket and pants. They can stripes of medium width and thickness, narrow pencil stripes or thick chalk stripes. Checkered and Plaid suits contain checks in the same and different colors respectively. They are very cool and considered to be very dashing! There are suits which sport other unique patterns and they can be worn with ease by everyone.

Classic Tuxedo

The evergreen tuxedo is always a great option when you wish to make an elegant impression on others. They look the best when worn for formal evening parties, fancy dinners, weddings and all other dressy events! They are your best choice for atraditional black tie event and other formal events. You can always look charming and dapper in tuxedos. Team it up with a classic black bow tie, a pair of oxford lace ups and a white pocket square to look charming!