How To Match Dress Pants With Mens Shoes?


There is no simple straight rule to be followed on what Shoes go best with a pair of trousers and How to Match Dress Pants with Shoes? You have to pay attention and keep a few important things in mind. Few classic and appropriate points to remember while pairing Pants with the Right shoes will go a long way in making the right impression.

Sometimes it's hard to figure out what works together, but we are trained in such a way from a very young age to follow few guidelines when it comes to dressing up for the occasion, to show up as a Fine Gentlemen.

Starting from Formal to Casual Sandals, Let's look at a pair of simple sandals, we have sandals which are causal and the other kind of sandals are little formal. SO the question is what kind of pants to wear with these kinds of sandals?

Formal sandals are meant for the neat summer look the best pants to choose would be the Linen Pants , these pants are very light and go well with Sandals for Formal or Informal occasions, and are ideal for the summer heat. Now you can also match Chinos or Cotton Trousers with the formal sandals.

Casual Sandals: You can also wear a pair of comfortable Jeans with the casual sandals or even Corduroy pants look great with Casual sandals. Do not to try to match Jeans with Formal sandals. Do not wear Chinos and Causal sandals as they are not the right combination to go for.

Sneakers: Sneakers are basically outdoor shoes, for a weekend or any other occasion outdoors when you are not working in the office atmoshphere.These gives you a very relaxed look, Jeans is the ideal combination that goes very well with Sneakers, also in jeans there are many stylish ones available in the market, Cargo pants are a fashion statement, and these have been in vogue since the early 90's, so try few of them on with sneakers before you buy them.

Do not team up Chinos or Linen Pants with Sneakers they are not a perfect combination.

Casual Dress Shoes: These shoes are the basic slip on kind of shoes, which are easy to wear and they don't have laces, we can team a pair of Linen Summer pants , Corduroy Pants which are well fitting go well with these shoes, don't go for Loose Corduroy with Casual shoes. The perfect look with Casual Dress shoes would be the Chinos they go very well together. Try different colors of Chinos too, Suprisingly a pair of nicely fit Jeans go well with Casual dress shoes.

Dress Pants don't go well with Casual dress shoes, so watch out! They will ruin your look.

Formal Dress Shoes: Formal dress shoes are those with laces also knows as oxford shoes, because of their closed shape look, these are best to be paired with Suit pants, Dress pants, Winter Dress pants(a little thicker material soft pants) are definitely worth a try.

Do not pair Corduroy, Linen and Jeans with Formal Dress shoes they are absolutely a big No! They'll look funny.

Formal Boots: You could try winter dress pants Blue, Black, Brown will look good. Chinos also go well with Formal Boots too.

Do not pair Linen, Jeans or anything casual with Formal boots they would look out of place.

Casual Boots: These go well with Corduroy pants, even though they have laces they look classic. Well fit Jeans, Chinos they go together very well too. Chinos and cotton pants match these shoes.

Do not pair Linen or Winter Dress pants with Casual boots with laces.

I am sure you have an idea by now on what to wear and what not too; obviously there are exceptions to everything.