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What colour shoes to wear with a blue suit?

While dressing for a business meeting choice of shoes that looks perfect on your suit is a matter of great importance. When it comes to a blue or navy blue suit, everybody gets puzzled about the shoes colour. Here we are, presenting you with some better options, which may help you while wearing navy blue suit.

All the men these days seem to be taking immense interest in their clothing style, their looks. With the entire range of varied options present in today's fashion world they seem to have quite a lot of selections.

One mantra that needs to be followed is: When you suit-up properly, rest everything will automatically fall in place.

But important thing to be remembered here is there are no hard-n-fast rules here. Whether you are a professional looking to dress for a board meeting or a creative person, who dress up as he likes to, remember that all rules have exceptions – and, if played right, most of the rules are meant to be broken!

Suit up: Established norms about suits

When looking to establish a great first impression in a job interview …..Suit Up….A norm followed commonly in order to build idiosyncrasy credits. Dress to impress, that's what they say, right?

Starting with workday formals till the weekend casuals, a choice of the right colour and style, will surely give a boost to your appearance and personality.

In a weird sense I may even think while going suit-wise black is not quite flexible colour, that's the reason I will recommend a versatile navy blue or gray as your first choice.

Also remember a wrong choice of belt and shoes colour can ruin your suit.

Colour of shoe pair that matches perfectly with Blue Suit:

Consider us specialists in reasonable advice and always remember that it's never all right-or-wrong when the matter is about pairing shoes with suits. Success depends not only on your personality, but also depends on your ability to handle situations and unavoidably on confidence level that you demonstrate.

I have a colleague of mine who actually thinks he is the best dressed man in the world! I do agree that his choice of suite colours as well as other accessories, is actually good, but talking about shoes …..I disagree with him. They never match his suits. Especially when he wears a blue or navy blue colour suit!

I was actually raised with black-with-blue motto, but I also like to go for browns especially when my shirt has something brown in it.

Also some people may think a dark chestnut or brown looks great with navy blue, this combination also looks great, but as per my thoughts you should not try this while going for an interview. Prefer black that is the safest option.


For formal occasions and business meetings, an oxford in black or burgundy. For casual occasions a derby or a blucher in any shade of brown. But truly speaking either black or brown can work with navy. For traditional business dress - Black, for looking great – Brown and If you are Italian and very good looking – Walnut or Tan. Though sometimes I do believe Tan will look more flamboyant.

If you are particularly fan of US style then go for wingtips! They love a pair of black wingtips with a navy blue suit.

To conclude, only thing I would like to say, choose only that combination which gives you great confidence from inside! Cheers!!!