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All About The Zhongshan Suit

The clothing a man wears says a lot about who he is. It can speak about his values, personality, and heritage. Men send out either positive or negative messages by the clothes they wear; shabby dressing is a reflection of a shabby work ethic and careless personality, while sharp dressing tells others that the wearer responsibly cares about his appearance and therefore is likely responsible in all the areas of his life.

A zhongshan suit is a perfect way to let people know that you are professional, responsible, and proud of what they wear. This suit style is a traditional suit that is often worn by leaders and statesmen. East meets west in this suit that fuses traditional styles with western styles. This makes a bold statement that you are proud of your heritage, yet engage the world on a global level. There is no better to represent culture and participate in global business than by wearing a zhongshan suit.

Zhongshan suit are very distinct in their appearance. Folded collars, five buttons, and four symmetrical pockets located on either side of the chest and abdomen are some of the signature characteristics of this suit. There are also modern variations of this classic that include embroidery, two pockets, and/or standing collars. These suits are usually composed of wool or terylene and viscose blends of fabric. Any number of occasions are appropriate for zhongshan suit, including but not limited to weddings, business negotiations, and formal dinners. The versatility, style, and traditional value of zhongshan suit make them an ideal suit.

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Not only are zhongshan suit ideal for professional occasions, but they are a great style to wear to church. Whether you are a pastor or lay member, a zhongshan suit is sure to make you look sharp and clean. Represent your heritage and character while participating in your local congregation. Browse our online store to find a wide variety of mens church suits.

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