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HHow To Fit A Men's Sport Coat?

How to determine the proper length of a sport coat? Well there are set rules to be followed literally to get the perfect Men's Sports coat fit. This rule however is somehow mixed up keeping in mind the trend and style, but many traditional tailoring done by many say that the proper length of a jacket is more about how it works in the concept with the other parts of your body, and making things look good and as perfectly fit possible is the prime rule.

Sports coat

Sport Coats are a versatile wardrobe option for men; coats are available in modern and classic styles and in a wide range of colors ranging from light to dark and beautiful fabrics ranging from light weight linen to heavy tweed.

What to wear with a Sport Coat:

The Casual Professional Look: You are right Khakis, a light blue solid color shirt and a dark Blue Sport coat makes a great combination, it is the right combination for offices where ties aren't required, you can even team the same look with jeans too but jeans are just a bit too casual.

Two Stripes: While you shouldn't go overboard with mixing patterns, pairing a pinstriped sports coat with a shirt featuring thin stripes in coordinating shades can be quite attractive. If you want to add tie to this look, go ahead but choose a solid color tie that matches the dark color in the jacket.

Dress up with a Nice T-Shirt: You don't really have to wear collared shirts to look great in a sport coat, try a nice T-Shirt and pair it with a lightly patterned wool sport coat . This look always makes one look attractive because the T-Shirt gives your body a shape and the Sport coat should be made of quality fabric. IF you are wearing a dark T-Shirt try to team it with the same shade of darker Sport Coat to give an edge. A great way to look dapper is to pair a bow tie and dress shirt with your favorite sport coat, go for interesting bow tie designs that complement both the shirt and coat.

Along with a Henley Shirt: A Henley-style shirt can also be an appropriate choice to pair with your favorite Sport coat, but ensure you look for the right quality and color of the Henley-styled shirt and combine it with the color that goes well with your sports coat.

>Grey with Plaid: If you are looking for a dressed up look and that isn't quite as formal as a dark business suit, wear a gray sport coat with a plaid shirt and a solid color tie that matches the shirt. This is a perfect look for spring or summer occasions, and offices which require you to wear a tie this look will work great.

Brown and Khaki with Denim: Pairing a Khaki twill sport coat with a brown tie and dark brown shirt with a great pair of jeans is a terrific look both casual and comfortable too. Also you can pair a simple white shirt, jeans and a leather belt with a dark Sport coat if you going for the casual look, this style are very chic for casual workplace or a casual dinner party.

Warm Sport Coats: When the weather gets too chilly, you can pair a sweater with a sport coat and jeans, this also works great as a casual look, try and keep the sweater and sport coat to the nearest color. Try an untucked shirt with this ensemble for an informal appeal. This look makes a great choice for weekends, vacations and casual outings with friends. If you are heading out for a night in the town then go for a stylish sport coat fitted dress shirt, suspenders and modern cut slacks. This looks awesome for parties.

Turtleneck Style: Wearing a turtleneck with a winter weight sport coat, made of corduroy or tweed is a great way to keep warm while looking stylish during winter.

You can easily dress your look up or down depending on the jacket that you select and what you choose to pair it with and the occasion also matters.