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Tips & Styles Of Men's Microfiber Sport Coat


The microfiber sport coat for men can be worn all the year round and but is very helpful during rainy season. So it is sometimes called as raincoat as it is a mild weather coat. The coat is generally made of cotton gabardine, wool, leather and even silk. The fit of this coat should be good and should not be compromised otherwise men looks will not be smart. Men's microfiber sport coat can be worn in various styles and with different outfits.

Formal – this can be worn with any formal suits and the microfiber sport coat length with the suit should be mid –thigh version. The sleeves should reach to the root of the thumb so that the sleeves underneath are covered completely and the shirt cuff remains out of view when one is moving around

Casual – In casual look the men's blazers should be fitted and can be paired with t-shirt and dark jeans or some patterned polo and chinos.

Street look- The checked mens travel blazer sport coat gives a street look rather than a solid coloured one. Paired with t-shirt and denim with boots. This could be alternatively worn with white coloured t-shirt with skinny jeans and the sport colour can be of dark colour and preferably long goes well with a wristband as accessory.

sport coat

Classic- The classic microfiber sport coat based on original Burberry design comes in black and khaki in colour.

Modern- They have change into style of more bright colours like yellow or red and also made of silk with fur colour.

The selection of microfiber sport coat is very important so the tips given will help any men interested in wearing sport but facing difficulty in purchasing them.

For a true gentlemen the microfiber sport coat reveals the simplicity of a person so, a neutral colour is perfect to give the simplicity look provide it fits well.

The collar of suede sport coat is designed to be flipped up that should be checked while purchasing the outfit. Some prefers belt can also be used as accessory and can be hanged down without tying while wearing the attire.

The microfiber sport coat should altered as it will distort the proportions of belt line, buttons, pockets etc and the look will be awkward rather men should buy one or two size small or big as required.

While purchasing a microfiber sport coat it should be noted that the coat should be large enough so that other underneath pieces can be worn like a suit jacket, sweater etc.