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Do you have to wear an ivory shirt with an ivory dinner jacket?

Dressing sensibly is of prime importance if you want to create your own niche and impression in society, and in the minds of t people that you associate with. Dressing properly is essential, but sometimes it isn't possible to gauge what clothes go with what. This is especially true for formal clothing. Subtleties in shade and color have to be noticed minutely if you want to put together cohesive and visually appealing attire. It is very easy to wear a black dinner jacket, because black is an imposing color that sets off pretty much anything you wear. Wearing a white, or for that matter, an ivory dinner jacket is much more complicated and requires precision and choosing the right color. A question that has been asked by a number of men wanting to wear ivory to an event is do you have to wear an dress shirts with an ivory dinner jacket? The answer is as follows.

Choosing your Colors: White with Ivory

When we are talking about wearing an ivory dinner jacket with a n ivory colored dress shirt, the color and the shade of the two become very important. Here the cut, the fittings and the general technicalities of the attire takes a back seat. There is no compulsion to wear an ivory shirt if you are wearing an ivory dinner jacket. There are a number of men who prefer to wear a white shirt instead. Again some people are of the opinion that a white shirt makes the ivory jacket look dark and dull compared to the spotless brightness of the white. But that should not deter you. If you feel that the white shirt sets off the color of your ivory jacket, then by all means, you should go ahead and wear a white shirt.

Wearing Ivory with Ivory

This seems to be the logical answer to the troublesome question, that ivory is the only color that can truly set of the ivory in your jacket. That may not always be the case. Almost always it is seen that the color of ivory that comes out for different pieces of clothing is different. There are lighter and darker shades of ivory, so you have to ensure that the shirt and the jacket are of the exact same shade, and then you can add accessories to break the monotony of the attire. Do you have to wear an ivory shirt with an ivory dinner jacket? No you don't. In fact, you can pull off pretty much any color when it comes to ivory dinner jackets and look formal, yet different from the rest of the people, if you know how to pull off your colors.

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