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Be A Real Man By Flaunting Gray Plaid Suit

Most of the people think that not every man can pull of 3 piece suit due to its distinct style. Moreover, modern people tend to consider plaid as one of the traditional attire on the verge of extinction. However, with a huge transformation from a number of designers and clothing manufacturers, plaid suit styles have become popular once again. Although, the retro looks of plaid suits have remained intact, the fabric and styles have been changed over the period. If you love to flaunt vintage fashion, you will be just mesmerized with the look, feel, comfort and fit of the gray plaid suit.

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How to Incorporate Plaid in Your Clothing Line

As plaid is considered quite trendy nowadays, you should at least own a piece of it to keep yourself up to date with the latest fashion. Now, when you are planning to incorporate plaids in your wardrobe, you should determine certain aspects before making a purchase.

The first trick to play with your grey 3 piece suits is to opt for layering. You need to learn the fact that plaid is one kind of pattern that goes well with neutral shades of layering.

Therefore, plaid is an excellent way to transform your plain or solid outfit into an interesting one.


You have to choose the color of your shirts and pants according to the color of jacket or coats.

Moreover, you can break the monotony of neutral colors with colorful vibrant neckties. Now, at the end, you just have to complete the gray plaid suit look with proper footwear and accessories.

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