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A brief idea of various tuxedo designs

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You should be making an informed decision, when you are about to make a good decision. In a roundabout way, every informed decision is a good decision. The decision to purchase a tuxedo is also definitely no exception. You would have to think and understand the differences in style between one tuxedo and another to finally determine which type of tuxedo would be suitable for your occasion. For instance, you should be aware of the fact that for ultra formal white tie occasions, a tailed tuxedo is the norm, whereas for formal black tie events you can also wear a single breasted tuxedo without the tails.

These are subtle tuxedo designs differences that you should definitely be aware of while choosing a suitable tuxedo for your use. Then again, there is the difference in style according to the lapel-collar alignment. The lapel and the collar are aligned in three different fashions, the notch, the peak and the shawl, and are three distinctive tuxedo designs of which you should be duly aware of. If you already know these subtle differences in tuxedo styles, it is well and good. If you do not, then too it is well and good, because that gives you one more reason to read this well written article.

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The notch style is the most popular contemporary style. The notch implies that the lapel makes a notch with the collar in a downward angle. This is a simply style, but it is hugely popular among men nowadays. A little bit more complicated is the peak style, where the lapel makes a upward angle with the collar, making no gap in between unlike the notch. This is a traditional style and is always fairly popular. The other traditional style of the tuxedo designs is the shawl style where the lapel and the collar make a flat rounded flow, up to the point where the lapel ends. This is also a traditional style and is popular among people who like the distinct flowy separateness compared to the sharpness of the notch and the peak. These are all personal choices to make, and you should definitely make the right choice to express your individuality. Whether you will follow the most popular style, or the fairly popular one is entirely your decision. One thing that can be said with style is that the different types of lapel collar alignments are all in style, and you should not stop yourself from wearing a shawl lapel or a peak lapel, because most people prefer to wear a notched lapel.

While choosing tuxedo designs, you would also have to make the choice between single breasted jackets and double breasted jackets. In case of single breasted jackets, you would have to see that the number of buttons in the jacket should not exceed 3. A single button jacket is the traditional one. Sometimes people wear 3 button jackets and keep the lower button undone, but a four button single breasted jacket should only be reserved for tall people.