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Picking The Perfect Men's Suits

Mens Two Button suitsThe suit chosen should not only suit the occasion but also be a perfect fit for the person wearing it. It is indeed a great task, picking the perfect men's suit. There are many varieties to choose from. There are also various styles and designs that suit different occasions.

When a man attends a formal occasion where he is invited, like a wedding, it is best to wear a tuxedo. The tuxedo consists of black pants and a black coat with or without tailcoats. The vest is simple and light colored for traditional functions and wild colored and patterned for a more modern function. The person generally wears a black tie and a white cummerbund. The coat lapels can be of four types – notch, peak, shawl or any other variety. The traditional coat has just one or two buttons while the modern coat has up to six buttons. The pants generally have a stripe at the side. The traditional occasion demands a black bow tie.

A white tuxedo is worn during official functions. This consists of a white shirt, a white tie, a white or a black tailcoat with matching pants. The white shirt does not have buttons but is done up with white, diamond or silver studs, which should match the cuff links. The coat should cover the waistcoat and the tails should be beneath the knees.

Mens black suitsThe zoot suit is an attire in which the trousers are high waisted and wide legged. The pants are gathered at the ankles. The coat is long with wide lapels and wide shoulders. The shoes that are worn are pointed and a felt hat with a feather is also used as an accessory. It is generally worn for a dance or a party. It needs a lot of fabric to make this attire and thus shows extravagance and is a symbol of youth.

An overcoat is worn over a suit to ward off the cold in a cold climate. It is generally worn below the knee and can be worn over casual wear or any other dress. An overcoat is worn to keep warm and therefore should be made of heavy cloth. You can choose between single and double breasted coats. Some coats have buttons or zips. You can choose between full length and three-fourth length overcoats. You can have matching buttons. You can also have on to six buttons depending on your likes.

These attires are very important for attending business events. It should be a perfect fit and for this you need to have the right measurements taken. The style, the material and the finish of these attires are all very important.

Wool suitsThey can be picked by deciding the occasion for which it has to be worn. Care should be taken in getting the right type of fabric, the right measurements and the right fit. You also have to know whether you are going to attend a wedding, a formal function, a business meeting or a party. For a wedding you should pick a tuxedo. For a formal meeting you should get a business wear. For a party you should get zoot attire and if the weather is very cold you will need an overcoat over these dresses.

You can browse the internet, read the latest magazines and then decide which type of attire you want to invest in. Depending on your needs and your budget, you can decide what type of suit you want to buy. The designer suits will be very expensive and will fit perfectly. In the local stores too, you can get good deals and pick the best one that fits you. After you have done a thorough research about the different styles and designs, you can pick the perfect men's suit.