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Wearing rules of men's suits

Suits are considered as a superior wardrobe in men's world of fashion and so it always holds great importance in the fashion industry. Many types of apparel were introduced in the market with unique features and designer patters, but still nothing can replace the elegance and elite look of suits. Men's suits come in a variety of ranges; each designed precisely for events. In recent years, most of the online buyers highly stick to customized fit and design as the conscious of presenting themselves to the outer world rise aggressively. Just not the fabric or cut can give added elegance to your appearance but the wearing style plays the major role in bringing out the stunning look.

Improper wearing of suits with bulging chest and multi folded impression on fabric suits will destroy the overall royalty of the wardrobe. This even reflects on your personality in making others judge on you. The way how professionally you appear in suits is counted to be one of the significant elements in corporate etiquettes. One tends to lose comfort if worn improperly that it gets tighten to the waist or overrun the wrist.

If you want to pose in an elegant manner, follow the listed wearing rules:

  • The jacket should be of a fine fit such that the collar of the shirt should get exposed to 0.6cm above the suit collar. If the jacket is too big then the shirt collar would get folded under it.

  • The way how the shoulders are padded will reflect significantly in your appearance. Generally the shoulder pads have to be smooth sloping downward for a fine look. Shoulder pads must end exactly with the length of your shoulders and should never overrun or stick out from your shoulder fit.

  • Make sure you wear perfect jacket that correctly fits your height covering the top of your rear end i.e. need to cover your pant zipper and butt. As the structure of body varies from one to another it is very important to decide on the coat length. Rough measurements on jacket will never help you as it may fold half the way or lift up if you choose on irregular lengths.

  • Never fasten the rear end button of your jacket. It is highly advised to unbutton the jacket when sitting down giving your suit a long life.

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  • In three buttoned coat the middle button have to be positioned at or above the navel and the top button for two buttoned coat.

  • The tie color should complement the coat you wear. Contrast colors give a wicked look and often not recommended for corporate meeting and social gatherings. Make sure the tie width matches the lapel width of your jacket.

  • The length of your tie has to touch partially your belt buckle.

  • Pair your suit with quality shirt, shoe, tie, belt, pocket square and watch.

  • The Pants should be worn resting at the waist and not on the hips. Typically it gives bulged look if worn higher the waist. If you find loose, you can hold it up with the belt that matches the color of your shoes.

  • The hem of the pant should be likely around the shoelace that no leg is exposed especially when sitting down.