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Velvet Blazer Men is Always Modern and Fresh

Men in velvet blazers get the perfect look with the character. Velvet blazers make men look sophisticated, elegant, dignified and stylish leaving behind the ordinary blazers of cotton or wool fabrics. velvet blazer men itself carries the fashion statement. It just goes with anything men wear by enhancing the look. The versatility of these blazers to go with anything for all instances makes these more popular. Velvet blazers are equivalent to all standards of occasions.

Why velvet blazers?

Velvet is always associated with royalty. The smooth texture and the depth of tone make it gorgeous and lustrous. When it is worn with even imperfect, incompatible outfits and accessories it still then looks eye-catching. A velvet blazer can be used for formal occasions, for an evening party or for a weekend gathering or for office. It goes best with informal or casuals, formals, just anything with being comfortable.

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When to wear velvet blazers?

During the evening velvet blazers can be worn.
Velvet blazers can beworn for a formal dinner party.
Velvet blazers can be worn for a party.
Velvet blazers can be worn on weekends.
Velvet blazers can be used as an office wear.
Velvet blazers are appropriate for all ages.
Velvet blazers can be worn just to stay warm in the winters.

How to wear velvet blazers men?

Formal occasions - When velvet blazers are worn for formal occasions it can be used with a crisp white or a light blue collared shirt with a bow tie or a distinctive tie. The tie should be of dark color and black or grey colored trousers with black sterling shoes. In formal occasion the color of the velvet blazer should be black, burgundy or blue. Instead of shirts V necked T-shirts can also be used with the velvet blazers. The look becomes elegant on this occasion.

Casual – Velvet blazers in casual purpose can be used with a plain T-shirt with jeans or chinos combining with the footwear like black converse. For this purpose blazers of brown, grey or tan goes best with stonewashed jeans. It makes the look trendy and smart.

Weekend Party – Velvet blazers on parties can be worn with turtleneck or cable knit sweaters. It also looks smarter with chambray shirts paired with dark colored denims, hiking or brogue boots and belts. A neutral color velvet blazer goes best to make the look more cool and dressy.


All types of velvet blazers are available in online shopping carts. Renowned designers and brands share their items on the web. They give suggestions to match the appropriate occasion for which these are being purchased. They also look after the particular color and the purpose of buying it. So one interested in getting these blazers can buy online by just ordering it. The desired item would be delivered at the doorsteps with free shipping.