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The Trendy Features of Royal Blue Suit Perfect for Young Men

The royal blue is a striking youth color that signifies the freshness and also the color of victory. Many types of apparel continue to hit the market but the popularity for these royal blue suits has never got down from its position. Earlier, the fade colors are mostly worn for business purposes and other official meetings and as the trend changes the bold colors are highly opted for such formal events especially the royal blue shade. It is nature that no one prefer for a sad or moody face for any type of occasions and it is been stated that the attire what you wear plays the major role in deciding upon your mood. To look fresh and sparkling these royal blue collections will be of a great choice.

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Formal vs. casual look

The type of suit can be worn for both formal and casual events where it suits formally perfect for black tie events when worn with a white shirt and conservative tie. On the other hand, jackets when worn separately with lighter slacks give a piece of relaxed look that are perfect for casual occasions. The patterned suit is always considered as less formal when compared to the plain one. So the royal blue pinstripe suit is ideal for youths who look to flaunt style in a partial formal look.

Royal blue suit fabric and fiber type

The royal blue is the bright rich color and the suit looks more vibrant when made from 100% virgin wool fabric. The fabric should be of less sheen as the extra smoothness on it gives a flashy look which seams unnatural to the eye. The thick wool fabric is generally used to make a sophisticated royal blue suits that shows the color off to its advantage. Apparels made of light wool are also manufactured as it tends comfortable in warmer weather and keeps the fabric even close to the wearer’s body.

Branded companies who are known as the best suit producers use the blend of Cashmere and Mohair for giving the extra softness and to get a light weight suit that is durable and long lasting. The richness of the suit comes from the type of fabric being used.

Royal blue suit style

The cut, make and fashion detail plays a major role in deciding the suit style. A double breasted jacket with an accompanying waistcoat having a short slits up the back of the jacket give an extremely elegant and formal look to a royal blue suit. Dark trousers are generally paired with this kind of bold colored jackets. For broader man, pleated fronts give a classy appearance as it provides an additional roomy look while for slimmer a plain fronted trouser will be a much appealing one.

The perfect matching accessories such as Suspenders, cufflinks, formal shoes, conventional ties and hankies complete the look of the wearer and makes men dazzling and stylish in the royal blue outfit.

Royal Blue Velvet Jacket Royal Blue Ministry Suit

Fashionable patterns:

Royal blue suits come in different patterns that are both traditional and trendy matching perfect for boys- adults. The type of fashionable patterns include: tone on tone, solid, stripes, plaid, shadow stripes, compose combination and lot more that generally comes with either single breasted or double breasted type.

Kind of fits

As of the general suit fits, this royal blue collection also comes in traditional, slim fit, modern and custom fits where each differ in the kind of jacket make. For example: Skinny fit suit jacket comes in single breasted type with 2 button fastening. The other type includes a skinny fit suit waist cost featuring 5 button fastening and the varieties differ with each fit.

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